Choose Switzerland Dedicated Server for Your Website


The fast-changing scenarios in the IT industry are making things more complex. Therefore, Web Hosting companies had to come up with more flexible choices that could help their customers to grow their businesses.

Therefore, now you get a more flexible, dedicated, and easy-to-maintain web hosting service, Switzerland Dedicated Server for your sites. Dedicated Server that can fit all your requirements and boosts your site to a high level with its rich security feature.

Switzerland Dedicated Server Provider

As the complexity is increasing in the technology, there are many web hosting providers that will promise you to give a 100% network uptime guarantee. But this ideal situation is not possible, at last, the uptime guarantee can be 99%.

Yes, there are other elements too that can upgrade your website with Switzerland Dedicated server. Web hosting providers can give you high security, dedicated tools, and low maintenance with your Dedicated Server Hosting in Switzerland.

Benefits of Dedicated Server in Switzerland

There are many features of Switzerland Dedicated Server that are beneficial for your website hosting. From flexibility to good scalability, a dedicated server host your website in a fully dedicated manner and guarantees maximum network uptime guarantee. Here are some of the key features that will benefit your website.

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A dedicated server that has flexible resource limits is not found in other web hostings because the others have their boundaries. On VPS unlike other web hostings dedicated server comes with maximum bandwidths where you can store your data without worrying about downtime fall. It comes with the fastest network i.e. you can experience 100MBPS to GBPS bandwidth.

But with Switzerland Dedicated Server, you will find that there is no boundary limit, even you can buy more as per your need.


The host will provide the unique IP address(IP4 and IP6) so that you will give more security and uniqueness to your website. Your server is not shared with another website. So there is no worry about data hacking or virus attack. You can install the security software as your website needs. Your web hosting host will help you to install the software.

Data Storage

Unlike other web hostings, a dedicated server provides maximum storage for your data. SSD Storage is not shared with the adjacent sites. Your server is totally dedicated to your site.

Zero Percent Downtime

There will be no bothering of other websites and the traffic load. Because a dedicated server gives the maximum uptime guarantee to all its users. Easy scalability in High traffic is its prime feature. Your website can perform greatly with a dedicated server. Choosing a dedicated server that has zero % downtime is what makes your website different from others.

Unwavering Quality

With other web hostings, it has a chance to downfall your website at high traffic and your website will go on and off. But Dedicated server serves unwavering quality to the website and give a higher percentage network uptime guarantee. Your website will be easily manageable.

Your page-load speed is also in a good position and the data is secured after choosing Dedicated Server. 


A great feature that a dedicated server comes with is the customization option. You have all the rights to customize the server as per your need. You can customize the software, storage, server configuration, and many more.

Control Panel

A dedicated server is very easy to manage when it comes to arranging the data. It is a low-maintenance server that does not require additional technicians to manage. From where you buy it, they help you fully with the set-up and all. If you have some knowledge about it then you can also manage.

It has two types of control panels “Plesk & cPanel”. You can buy whichever suits you. Both the panels are easily manageable and easy to control

Serverwala as Best Dedicated Server Provider in Switzerland

Many Web Hosting companies are there in the market, but what makes Serverwala different?

The answer is a great support and very fined technician to work on your server. They provide the upgraded and next-generation bare metal solution with a 99.90% uptime guarantee. As a Dedicated server, we can say that you can trust Serverwala. There are thousands of users that have opted for a dedicated severe as their web hosting and are very happy with the services.

Serverwala is the leading web hosting company that provides Cheap Dedicated Servers in Switzerland. Cheap yet the best quality of dedicated server makes your website organic on the web. Here we will discuss some of the plans and packages of Serverwala’s Dedicated server in Switzerland.

Plans and Packages of Cheap Dedicated Server Switzerland

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server plans start with $200 with a monthly subscription. In addition to it, you can get a one-month plan to a year plan. You will get some discounts too with six-month and one-year packages.

All the packages have different CPUs with 16-32 GB RAM and different bandwidths.

Cheap Dedicated Server Switzerland


Here we have discussed why a dedicated server is best for your website and why should you opt for this as your Switzerland Dedicated server. By investing in Serverwala you will have to option to customize the site at a cheap price. If you want to host your website with stability and a robust network then Serverwala gives you the best services. Also, learn about the services that they are providing and give a steady boost to the website.