Top 6 Causes  Why Does Water Leak From An Air Conditioner

Did you observe any water seeping from your air conditioner? There could be several potential causes for that. However, irrespective of any reason, you must consider the consultation of an experienced, competent A/C engineer to analyze your machine. We are giving you some possible causes of your AC leakage.


Causes Of Water Leaks From An Air Conditioner

The Condenser Drain Is Dirty 

The condensates drain support in flushing out the water from the AC unit. 

In case of corrosion, dirt, rubbles, grime, or bacteria develop in the machine, it can cause health risks to the homeowner. The clogged drain can slightly or fully obstruct the drainage system, resulting in AC leakage.

The Solution is simple, call a professional AC engineer from Key vendors and organize AC and drain cleaning. Only a skilled technician can handle such a task, and Keyvendors has all experts working for AC maintenance.

The refrigerant level is down. 

When your AC refrigerant level is low, the AC coil can get freezes. The frozen coils can result in leakage as the drainage faucet spillover. Often wiring installation of air conditioner also leads the refrigerant leakage. Moreover, if you haven’t serviced your AC for a long time, there is a high chance of gas level coming down. If you don’t solve this problem, it can give many unwanted issues such as:-

  • Increased energy bills
  • It takes more time to cool down the room
  • Warm air flowing from the unit
  • Water leaking surrounding the thermostat
  • Noise may arise etc

The Only Solution is to maintain and service your AC on time. If you find that the refrigerant level is down, kindly consider AC gas refilling with an appropriate gas.

Temperature Is Extremely Cool To Operate Your AC

Sometimes when you make your home cool, you forget to see the weather outside. When there is a rainy and moderate temperature outside, the evaporator coils can freeze. Hence don’t operate your air conditioner when you see that the temperature outside is below the average temperature. You can also talk with the AC technician, and he will tell you the instructions while operating the AC.

The drainpipe is detached.

The correct installation of the air conditioner is essential to make it work fine and in good condition for a long time. However, it is also vital to secure the drain line for proper cooling. If the drain line is disconnected or not correctly attached to the system, it can leak. Ask the help of the Key vendor’s AC technician and get your work finished professionally. Our AC repair service in Gurgaon always perfect and magnificent for durable AC performance.

When Condensate Pump Is Damaged 

When you find the condensate pump is damaged, it cannot pump out the additional water in the condenser drain. Hence, consequently, the drain pan will spill over and start leaking. Replace the damaged pump and install the new one to prevent such issues.

Dirty Air Filter 

If you detect air filters become muggy and dusty, they can block air circulation and evaporator ventilation. This can lead someone excessive cooling and freezing sometimes. After freezing, the moisture will flow underneath when ice meltdown due to AC not being in use or heat. The moisture leakage can cause overflow of the drain pan, and it finally causes leakage.


It’s typical for such a refined and well-maintained air conditioner to make a tiny amount of condensation from time to time. The frequency of AC operation decides the condensation in the unit. However, you don’t want to overlook additional moisture seeping from the team frequently.

If you see that AC frequently leaks for 2-3 days, call a knowledgeable air conditioning technologist immediately. You consider AC service in Gurgaon via Keyvendors for best results and low charges.