Canvas PFISD Login at  Complete Guide [2023]

The complete guide to login to the Canvas PFISD website at

With the recent release of Canvas, it is now possible for students to easily sign in with their school account and explore a new digital learning experience hosted on cloud-based infrastructure that is less expensive and more scalable than anything offered by a single institution’s internal server infrastructure. Instructure also offers a free version of Canvas that has the same look and feel as the paid version, but has reduced course resources and fewer online learning tools.

The username is an email account that students use to log in. The email address is one that families provide on the enrollment forms. Please note: Once the student has signed in with their school account, they will be able to access all of their courses applicable to their grade level and instructional program even if they change school accounts. It is critical that the students’ email addresses are correct and up to date when the school account is set up. The following is the format of email addresses that students use to login to the Canvas site:

Username:<area code>school name

The password field offers a passcode of 4-15 digits. It must meet this minimum requirement unless there are at least two of these numbers that add up to more than 15 in which case it can be as long as you wish. This uses the same passcode for both the Canvas login and Canvas settings.

Canvas PFISD offers a set of online courses for students across the school district. These courses are aligned to the state’s new “Common Core” curriculum for grades K-12; however, some course material may change from year to year depending on what is required by the state’s testing and assessment program. Students can access these courses by logging into their school’s Canvas account and clicking on the appropriate icon next to their grade level.

Children and youth in Lower Merion School District have many opportunities to learn with their peers, teachers, and staff in a safe, structured environment. In addition to mandatory core and elective courses, they are also required to take the following courses:

In middle school students have the opportunity to take electives in mathematics or English. In high school students have the opportunity to take a number of electives that are offered by their teacher.

The district has a variety of learning communities in which students can participate. Here are some examples: 

Enrollment at the Upper Merion Learning Center for high school students is strictly limited to those who qualify for the Gifted and Talented Program. Upper Merion Learning Center is an online program that prepares students for college or career by granting the opportunity to take college level courses while still in high school. Students who enroll in this program attend class from home and are expected to complete the course requirements within 30 days. The 2018-2019 fee for this program is $150.

There are a variety of ways to access and use the Canvas site. Here are some of them:

Canvas can be accessed from any device with internet access. However, it is highly recommended that it be used on a computer with an up-to-date operating system and browser. 

This one is simple, simply type in the URL and a new browser window will open and direct you to the school’s Canvas site.

Students can set up their own account by typing in their student ID and choosing a username that is also referred to as an email address. 

Parents may establish an account by typing in their home phone number and selecting a username that is also referred to as an email address.

Students can use their school accounts to access the Canvas system outside of school hours. 

Parents may access the Canvas site from their school or work computers.

Students can access their Canvas account from work computers, or from their own device if they have permission to use the device. 

As a school district, it is clearly in our interest for all of our students to have access to the Canvas system so that we can promote digital literacy among students and parents alike.



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