Can You Apply Epoxy Over an Old Garage Floor?

Would you want to give your garage floor a new look? Many homeowners wonder if they can apply epoxy over an old garage floor. The answer is yes, but there are essential steps to follow. Let’s find out what you can do to revamp your garage! If done correctly, epoxy can provide a durable, stain-resistant finish that can withstand the test of time and heavy use. Now that we’ve established what epoxy is and how it works let’s look at how to make your garage floor appear fancy. Consulting garage floor epoxy services in Lake Oswego OR can offer additional expert guidance and ensure a top-quality finish.

Check the Condition of the Floor

First, inspect your old garage floor. Look for cracks, chips, or any moisture issues. You can’t begin utilizing epoxy unless you address these issues. Additionally, check for uneven areas that might need leveling. If you want your epoxy to go on evenly and without bumps, ensure the surface is level. Therefore, addressing all these concerns before proceeding will help you avoid problems later.

Clean the Floor Thoroughly

Next, you must clean the floor. Remove all dirt, oil, and grease. You can use a degreaser and a stiff brush for effective cleaning. Also, consider using a pressure washer for deep cleaning, especially if the floor has stubborn stains. A clean surface will help the epoxy stick better and last longer. So, take time with this step to ensure the floor is spotless. For thorough cleaning, garage floor epoxy services Lake Oswego may provide professional cleaning solutions.

Make Repairs

After cleaning, fix any cracks or holes. You can use concrete filler for minor repairs. This step ensures a smooth surface for the epoxy. Also, if there are larger areas of damage, you might need to apply a concrete patch. Making sure the repairs blend in with the floor is of utmost importance. This preparation will lead to a more professional finish.

Test for Moisture

Moisture can ruin your epoxy application. Put a plastic sheet on the floor and see whether condensation forms after a day. If moisture is present, address this issue first. A moisture barrier agent may be necessary before applying epoxy. Doing this ensures that moisture won’t damage the epoxy from underneath. For help with this, consider using affordable garage floor epoxy services in Lake Oswego Oregon. Therefore, this step is vital for a successful application. 

Prepare the Surface

Surface preparation is crucial. Sand the floor or use a grinder to create a rough texture. The epoxy will adhere better with its aid. Additionally, be sure to dust well after sanding. A dust-free surface ensures the epoxy won’t have imperfections. This extra effort in preparation can significantly impact your floor’s final appearance and durability.

Choose the Right Epoxy

Select an epoxy suitable for your floor condition and climate. Superior durability and surface quality are guaranteed by premium epoxy. Keep in mind that the epoxy’s setting time is sensitive to environmental variables like temperature and humidity. The beauty and longevity of your floor depend on your choice of type. So, research different epoxies and choose one that fits your specific needs. Garage floor epoxy services Lake Oswego can offer insights into the best products for local conditions.

Mix the Epoxy

Carefully mix the epoxy resin and hardener. To achieve the desired consistency, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Mix them well to make sure the chemicals react correctly. Incomplete mixing can lead to a weak floor coating. Therefore, spend enough time on this step to ensure your epoxy mixture is perfect.

Apply the Primer

Use a primer before the epoxy. It acts as a base coat and helps with the adhesion of the main epoxy layer. Also, primer can help seal any remaining porous areas, providing a better surface for the epoxy to adhere to. Applying primer might seem like an extra step but it greatly enhances the final result. Affordable garage floor epoxy services in Lake Oswego Oregon can ensure this step is done correctly, leading to a better and more durable finish.

Apply the Epoxy

Now, apply the epoxy evenly across the floor. Get a flawless finish by rolling it. Always operate in an area with good air circulation. Also, watch the edges and corners to ensure they get enough coverage. Applying epoxy evenly can be challenging, but moving slowly and steadily will produce a smooth, professional finish. It’s also essential to apply a consistent thickness across the entire floor. Also, it prevents uneven drying and ensures a uniformly tough layer. So, keep a steady hand and maintain an even pace to achieve your epoxy floor’s best look and performance.

Let It Cure

Finally, allow the epoxy to cure. It can take several days. Avoid using the garage during this time to ensure the best results. While the epoxy cures, maintain the area tidy and devoid of dust. To get a firm, long-lasting surface, proper curing is essential. So, patience during this phase is essential. Remember, the longer the epoxy cures, the stronger and more resistant the floor will become. Thus, resist the temptation to rush this process. So, ensuring the garage remains undisturbed allows the chemical reactions to complete fully, enhancing the floor’s longevity and finish.


Applying epoxy over an old garage floor is a great way to refresh your space. Just follow these steps carefully. With the right preparation and materials, your garage will look brand new! Always remember to work safely and take your time for the best outcome. So, with these added steps and tips, your epoxy floor will look fantastic and stand up to daily use, making your investment worthwhile. With garage floor epoxy services in Lake Oswego OR, you can get this appearance quickly and cheaply.