15 Things You Shouldn’t Pressure Wash

Are you ready to learn about the dos and don’ts of pressure washing? Picture this: your trusty pressure washer is in hand prepared to tackle all the dirt and grime around your home. But wait! Before you start blasting away there are some things you should never pressure wash. And when it comes to keeping your home sparkling clean relying on the Best Pressure Washing Services in Beaverton OR can ensure a professional touch while protecting your property. From delicate surfaces to potential safety hazards, knowing what not to pressure wash is crucial to avoid causing damage or injury.

Electrical Fixtures

Water and electricity? That’s a dangerous combination! Avoid pressure washing around electrical fixtures, outlets, or appliances to prevent the risk of electrical shock or damage. Besides, even a minor mishap could result in costly repairs or personal injury.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Exercise caution around electrical fixtures and cover them securely before pressure washing nearby areas. Restore your home’s exterior with Reliable Pressure Washing Services in Beaverton OR for unmatched care. Safety first!

Wooden Decks and Fences

Applying high-pressure water to wooden decks and fences can lead to splintering and stripping of protective finishes. Instead, gently wash these surfaces with a low-pressure setting or a soft brush and a suitable cleaning solution to maintain their condition and appearance.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

For a refreshed look without damage, low-pressure washing combined with professional treatment can make all the difference for your wooden outdoor structures.

Air Conditioning Units

Pressure washing your air conditioning units can cause severe damage to the fins and internal components, leading to inefficiency or complete failure. Similarly, regular maintenance should involve gentle cleaning and professional servicing to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Enhance curb appeal safely with Reliable Pressure Washing Services in Beaverton OR for driveways.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

A gentle cleaning regimen and routine check-ups by a professional can keep your air conditioning units running smoothly without the risks associated with pressure washing.

Windows and Glass

While pressure washing can be excellent for cleaning many surfaces, it’s not ideal for windows and glass. High-pressure water can shatter glass or force water into window seals, leading to leaks and damage. Stick to traditional window cleaning methods for a streak-free shine.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Opt for squeegees and glass cleaners for sparkling windows without the risk of damage from pressure washing.

Painted Surfaces

While it might be tempting to pressure wash dirt from painted surfaces, this method can peel away paint layers, leaving you with a bigger problem than dirt. Hand washing with mild soap and water is often the safest approach to preserving your paint job. Keep outdoor spaces inviting with the quality service of Pressure Washing.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

To maintain the vibrant look of painted surfaces, opt for a gentle clean. This safeguards the paint and ensures lasting beauty.

Soft Stone Surfaces

Soft stone surfaces, such as sandstone, can erode under the force of a pressure washer. Cleaning these delicate materials requires a soft touch with non-abrasive tools and cleaners to prevent pitting and degradation.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Preserve the natural elegance of soft stone surfaces with gentle cleaning techniques that protect rather than harm.


While the appeal of using a pressure washer to clean your car or truck is undeniable, tread lightly. The intense force from high-pressure water can peel off paint, harm trim, and infiltrate sensitive spots like door seals and electronics. Hand washing is the way to go to safeguard your vehicle’s integrity. Beaverton Pressure Washing Services advises against the risk of pressure washing for cars, emphasizing the importance of a gentler touch to maintain their condition. 

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Keep your car’s finish pristine by avoiding pressure washing and opting for a hand wash instead.

Outdoor Furniture

Pressure washing outdoor furniture may seem like a quick solution, but it can damage wood, wicker, and fabric materials. Instead, use a mild detergent and a soft brush to clean your outdoor furnishings gently.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Preserve the longevity of your outdoor furniture by avoiding pressure washing and opting for a more gentle approach.

Pets and Wildlife

Never use a pressure washer on or near pets and wildlife. The high pressure can cause injury or distress to animals. Always ensure they are safely away from the cleaned area and use animal-friendly cleaning practices.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Ensuring the safety and well-being of pets and wildlife is paramount during any cleaning activity. Gentle, animal-safe methods are always the best choice.

Historical or Older Buildings

Historical or older buildings often have delicate features and materials that can be damaged by pressure washing. Instead of risking harm to these structures, consult with Beaverton Pressure Washing Services, which specializes in historic building preservation.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Respect the integrity of historic or older buildings by seeking expert advice on appropriate cleaning methods.

Plants and Landscaping

Pressure washing can easily damage delicate plants, flowers, and landscaping features by stripping away soil, damaging foliage, or uprooting plants. Exercise caution around your garden and landscaping to avoid unintended damage.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Protect your plants and landscaping by covering them or using a lower-pressure setting when washing nearby areas.

Dryer Vents and Chimneys

Pressure washing dryer vents and chimneys can push debris further into the vents or chimney, creating blockages and fire hazards. Instead, hire professionals to clean these areas safely and effectively.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Avoid potential fire hazards by leaving dryer vents and chimneys to the experts when it comes to cleaning.

Personal Safety

Last but certainly not least, never compromise on personal safety when pressure washing. High-pressure water can cause injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to more severe wounds.

Get Ready for the Unexpected:

Prioritize safety above all else when pressure washing to prevent accidents and injuries.


By steering clear of these pressure-washing no-nos you can ensure a clean and safe environment without damaging your property or yourself. And when in doubt, remember to rely on the expertise of the Best Pressure Washing Services in Beaverton OR to get the job done safely and effectively.