5 Payday Loans Like Speedy Cash

You can easily get quick cash online with our list of payday loan companies like Speedy Cash. We have compiled a list of the top payday loan websites so that you can get approved quickly and receive the money in a matter of days. Speedy Cash is a trusted lender that offers next-day loans at variable rates, according to state regulations. Even if you don’t have a great credit score, you can often get funding instantly online or offline by meeting the basic eligibility requirements.

Speedy Cash is a leading loan lender in Canada and the USA. You can get approved for loans between $255 and $26,000, and they offer exceptional customer service. You have the flexibility to finance larger projects or emergencies. Customers of Speedy Cash can apply online or in person for a service loan.

We also offer a variety of loan services for those who need cash fast. These payday loans like Speedy Cash, have faster approval rates and flexible repayment terms. Check out the payday lenders below to be approved immediately and forgo becoming a Speed Cash customer. Click here to open a Speedy Cash account.


LendYou is one of the most popular online payday lenders. LendYou’s term loans are simple to apply for. Users can choose from either payday loans or installment loans. LendYou can help you get cash loans fast or longer-term loans. LendYou has been in business for over a decade. This gives them the knowledge and experience to provide quality loans within a short time frame.

LendYou’s support team is one of the main reasons they are ranked high on this list. This online lender has a great team of experts that will help you get the support you need whenever you need it. You can apply online in just 10 minutes. Most approvals take less than a minute. Visit their website to apply for a payday loan.

Finding Lending

Another loan option similar to Speedy Cash online is Finding Lending. You can trust them to provide outstanding customer service so that you can borrow money online with confidence. They can provide personal loans from $100 to $15,000, as well as cash advances of short duration. These short-term loans are the best option if your paychecks are late or if you need to rebuild your credit quickly. You can apply online for a small loan and have it paid back in 30 days.

They are a relatively new lender and may surprise you. Because they provide next-day funding, fast approvals, and amazing support, they are very similar to Speedy Cash. Finding Lending is not a new loan provider, but that shouldn’t put you off. They have great terms with quick approvals and by-the-book regulations regarding fees and security. Find out more about Finding Lending.


LoanSolo is another great option when looking for websites like Speedy Cash. Its makes the application process easy and you can quickly sign up online for a payday loan. They can approve most US states and provide funding within 24 hours. LoanSolo is a great place to get quick cash loans online if your credit score is not perfect.

Loan Solo is secured with 256-bit SSL technology. This ensures that your personal information stays safe throughout the entire process. They work with many private loan providers to allow you to get approved quickly at the highest interest rates and longest repayment terms.


CashNetUSA is one of the most popular online payday loan websites. Its offers everything, including fast funds delivery, low rates, and a secure application process. CashNetUSA lets you borrow as little as $100 or as much in installment loans.

CashNetUSA is a prominent player in the loan industry and has a lot of commercials. Because they are one the most trusted loan providers in North America, they have the resources to do so. They provide millions in loans every year. Check out their website to see all the incredible features that make CashNetUSA a leader in payday loans.


247FastFunds is the best place to find quick cash loans such as Speed Cash. The application process is quick and easy, so you can focus on the money you need. 247FastFunds allows you to borrow up to $5,000. While it isn’t a payday loan site that offers $1,000, you can choose to borrow smaller amounts. You can apply for a loan now and receive the funds in one business day.

247FastFunds offers a similar layout to applying for Speedy Cash. Because the application takes only 5 minutes, you will get an approval response in a matter of minutes. The funds will be wired to your account within 24 hours in most cases.

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Are Online Loans like Speedy Cash Legit?

One of the very difficult things to understand when applying for a loan online is whether or not the lender is legitimate. You want to ensure that you are providing your personal details to trustworthy sources only.

As a very regulated industry, every financial institution must abide by their local laws – whether they are borrowing money online or offline. However, not all online lenders follow proper guidelines.

Thankfully, with our list of loan providers above, you should easily be able to find online loans like Speedy Cash that you can trust. We’ve vetted all of the options in this list so you can be sure that you’re getting your funds from a reputable lender.

How do Interest Rates Work With Small Loans?

Interesting question! Interest rates are often referred to as APR (annual percentage rate). This is an annualized interest rate that is paid along with your regular payments.

For instance, if you have a loan with an APR of 12% and a loan amount of $1,000, the monthly interest you would pay would be 1% of the loan (about $10 per month).

Always look at the APR rates before accepting a loan as this can have a huge impact on what you end up repaying. Smaller-term loans tend to have much steeper interest rates, so you could quickly end up paying a small fortune if you’re not cautious.

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Are there loans like Speedy Cash available for mobile?

Yes! Yes! All the lenders on our list allow you to apply quickly and easily for funding via a mobile device, including tablets or smartphones. To get funding today, you don’t even need a car or a computer.