Teen Nudist Camp Irks Ariz. Politician

PHOENIX – Arizona’s House speaker said he’s worried about a young nudist summer camp for teenagers and is urging an investigation.

Jake Flake said he would encourage the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the camp at Shangri La Ranch, a clothing-optional resort just north of Phoenix. He said he’s concerned about adults seeing the children and teens naked.

“I have to think that they are breaking some laws somehow. Indecency or something,″ Flake told The Arizona Republic in Friday’s editions.

State law allows nudity on private property, even among minors with parental permission.

About 15 youths, aged 11 through 17, attend the camp, which is not open to the public.

Horst Kraus, who bought Shangri La Ranch in 1997, said adult nudists see naked children, theirs and those of other nudists, all the time. He said the kids are in a safe environment and there is no lewd behavior.

Anyone who displays inappropriate behavior in a nudist resort is thrown out and placed on a “do-not-admit″ list that circulates to young nudist groups nationwide within 24 hours.

Last month, Florida Congressman Mark Foley criticized a nudist camp there for children ages 11 to 17. He asked Gov. Jeb Bush to investigate the camp, saying children were being exploited and in danger of sexual abuse.