Why Should I Become a Certified Scrum Master in 2022?


The profession of Scrum Master has expanded in popularity and demand in recent years. With Agile techniques dominating the IT business sector today, it’s no wonder that top job info sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor ranks Scrum master as one of the high-paying and desirable jobs. Because the majority of businesses have adopted the Scrum Agile technique to improve project pace, teamwork, and transparency, LinkedIn has included Scrum Master on its list of the most desirable occupations for 2022. Professional Scrum Masters have become more important in organizations as Agile and Scrum have gained popularity.

Getting a Professional Scrum Master™ certification can readily increase your value in front of recruiters and give you an edge over many other candidates if you want to thrive in the Agile field in 2022. Professionals use Scrum to improve their risk management abilities and to complete projects on time.

Acquiring a Scrum Master qualification allows you to join an elite group of Agile specialists capable of coaching and leading their Agile teams to victory. Furthermore, Scrum knowledge sets you apart from other project managers since it gives you a thorough awareness of potential Agile methodologies and how to use them.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of ​PSM Certification in Kuala Lumpur before diving into the fundamentals check out this Professional Scrum Master training course to be the best in the field.

What Is Scrum and Agile?

Due to the general high level of uncertainty in certain projects, compiling all of the requirements ahead of time is impossible. So we employ a “adaptive” approach rather than a “forecasting” method, in which we specify and prepare for a limited period of time in the future, build a functional product, use it to learn about the needs, and utilize the feedback to plan further and add additional capabilities to the Agile techniques.

There are several agile frameworks. The best known agile framework is Scrum. In such contexts, they address project management as well as project development. Keep in mind, however, that the fundamental goal of Agile frameworks is to provide a project development system rather than a project management system.

When Do We Need to Use Agile?

Whenever it’s difficult to describe the product upfront because we don’t fully grasp it or the client keeps changing its mind, agility comes in handy. In certain instances, attempting to employ a predictive strategy with upfront planning may result in numerous modification requests, reducing productivity while increasing expense and time.

Who is a Scrum Master?

Scrum Masters are people who basically comprehend Scrum and assist the Scrum Team by coaching them and ensuring that all Scrum processes are appropriately implemented. The Scrum Master is a management position responsible for overseeing the Scrum process rather than the Scrum Team. S/he is the Scrum Team’s servant-leader.

The Scrum Master, in addition to ensuring that the Development Team understands and applies Scrum effectively, seeks to remove barriers to the development team, support their events, train and educate them. Scrum Masters also assist Product Owners by assisting or advising them on procedures, disseminating information, and coordinating relevant activities.

Scrum Masters are responsible for more than just the Scrum Team. They should also assist others outside the Scrum Team in understanding how to communicate with the Scrum Team in order to optimize the value provided by the Scrum Team. The Scrum Master is generally in charge of leading the organization’s Endeavour to adopt Scrum. It is quite possible for an individual to serve as a Scrum Master and development team member, though it’s not recommendable.

Being a Scrum Master on a project may not take up all of a person’s time; in this situation, the ideal approach is to appoint that same person as the Scrum Master on many projects rather than making them a part of the Development Team. In scaled Scrum, each team has one Scrum Master. A single person, however, can be the Scrum Master for more than one team.

How can a PSM™ Certification Improve Your Agile Career?

Because of their ability to properly handle and execute IT related projects, Agile specialists have become some of the most in-demand resources in the IT world.

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum predicts that three of the nine emerging positions in the product development arena will be Scrum-related in the near future. Given the thriving Scrum sector, being a Scrum master in 2022 can provide tangible proof to organizations looking for Scrum experts.

The Scrum master certification can teach you the value of self-organization in:

  • Engaging in group work and having a sense of responsibility
  • Create a collaborative atmosphere that will benefit the performance of the company.
  • Maintaining self motivation helps individuals to improve the team’s overall  performance and self productivity .
  • Well with help of gained knowledge and skills, you can stay intact by external and internal distractions.

Obtaining a Professional Scrum Master (PSM™) certification in 2022 will allow you to manage projects more effectively by readily recognizing which duties your firm should keep and which should be adjusted based on the individual requirements. You can also have a separate Scrum Alliance profile page where you can list your accomplishments.


If you obtain certification in a field like Scrum Master, you are providing concrete evidence to your hiring manager that you have the necessary skills and knowledge for the position. In fact, irrespective of your chosen area, certification is a valuable resource to have. If you have that certificate, you have the necessary skill and talent to get the job done and you stand out of the rest of the crowd looking for the same position.

Becoming a Certified Scrum Expert can make you develop your profession significantly. This certificate will make you increasingly important and relevant in your industry, helping you to give a higher compensation attention among recruiters than similar non-certified peers. The PSM™ Certification also gives you the skills you need to contribute to the overall transformation and the attainment of the organization’s success. It also displays that you have an agile attitude, which is valuable to your firm.