Why Should Choose Birmingham City University as Better University?


When we discuss about the higher study so we get many options about universities and countries. And when we discuss it in our friend circle so also we get many opinions about the better university and better countries. 

When we search on Google so we get many top options for countries like the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, UAE, and Brazil. You can choose between these countries according to your choice. But if you want to choose a top first country so you get an opinion is UK country. 

When we have decided on the UK country for higher study. So now let’s discuss about better UK universities. So when searching for better universities in the UK so we get the names of Birmingham City University, Keele University, Middlesex University, Brunel University London, and the University of West London. 

These are famous options for you in the UK for higher study. So you can choose any university and when you want to choose the top first university so you get an option of Birmingham City University. According to deep research and experience, BCU university is the top university in the UK. 

So in this blog, we will discuss Why Should Choose Birmingham City University as Better University? And benefits and profits of choosing BCU university in the UK. 

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is the top and fastest growing university in the UK and this is founded in the year 1971. And this university has 25k+ students from different-different countries. And this university is located in Birmingham city and this university has two campuses in Birmingham that are spread over 350 acres. And if you choose this University so you have only approx 6400 pounds of expenses for the yearly hostel and meals. 

And this university has a few famous courses like Health, Art & Design, and Media. BCU university provides all courses for international students for between the range of £12,000-15,500. And BCU university courses are given below – 

Courses of Birmingham City University

Social SciencesSocial Sciences
Art and DesignEngineering
Music and TheatreBusiness
Built EnvironmentArt and Design
MediaMusic and Theatre
EducationBuilt Environment
ComputingHealth and Sports
Health and SportsLaw

If you want to get admission to Birmingham City University so you need some documents and diplomas like an IELTS diploma and TOEFL diploma. And in the IELTS exam, you have to get a 6.0 band score for all courses. In addition, when you want to get admission to the best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad so you should contact and join Meridean Overseas in Hyderabad for getting a better IELTS exam score. 

Benefits of Choosing BCU

  • You can get scholarships
  • You get better guidance
  • And also you can get better placement
  • Also you can gain better skills and experience 
  • You get impressive facilities
  • You also get better faculty than other universities