Why is Linux Hosting with cPanel Preferred for User Experience?

Introduction to Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is web hosting. It uses the Linux operating system which is an open OS. Linux is a user-friendly operating system, it enables users to install various programs. With that, you don’t have to take a load of security issues. You have questions about how to get a free domain name to establish your web presence with the best web hosting provider at a cheap price. Most web hosting services use Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and others. It is widely used because of its performance, resource management, and security.

Linux hosting is a cheap shared hosting that delivers the best results at an economical price. As Linux is an open –server, anyone can create a website on it or even write a program to host websites. It is an example of “cheap doesn’t mean poor quality.”

To host your website, you need a control panel and knowledge of control Panels like Plesk, CPanel, cPanel, Direct Admin, Webmin, and ISPManager. Whereas cPanel is the best control panel for Linux hosting.

What is cPanel, and how does it Work?

cPanel is a graphical control panel for Linux –based website management. It contains different features available on one page to facilitate more conveniently. So, for example, you can change our website in a few clicks without going into deep menu bars and reading long descriptions.

It offers flexibility due to easy PHP, third-party application and tools installation, server performance monitoring, database creation and management, and many more.

This control panel is simple, approachable, and easy and contributes excellent account management and FTP for your website. In short, if you own a business website and are not tech-savvy, nor can you afford a web developer, here cPanel comes to rescue you.

Due to its high user demand, Linux providers are considering affordable Linux hosting with cPanel.

Why is Linux hosting with cPanel is favorite?

Linux hosting with cPanel is a favorite choice for users. However, “cPanel hosting” is also in practice, meaning Linux web hosting with a cPanel control panel. cPanel is a Linux-based control panel enhancing the workability and efficiency of Linux web hosting services. We will discuss the prominent attributes of this combination for which it is the best choice.


Security is a crucial perspective of your business and online presence. But, even for Linux hosting provider, while hosting a website, security is one the apprehension, and most of the web hosting plans with excellent security is expensive. So, to acquire security like DDoS Protection from a Linux hosting service must offer cPanel.


Linux hosting with cPanel is compatible with most browsers like GOOGLE Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, making this combo perfect for the users. Besides, it supports third-party applications, site builders, and SEO tools.

Software Installation convenience

It is well-integrated with Softaculous Apps Installer and offers access to more than 400 applications, including well-known content management systems. Whereas, Softaculous assist and take care of the application from installation to updates. So, installing applications is no longer worrisome while using Linux hosting and a cPanel control panel.

Automatic updating

It is time-consuming to track every update to keep your website secure. In addition, as a Linux hosting provider working on various websites simultaneously, you miss the updates. With cPanel, you can configure it to automatic updates, which is also free for Linux-related updates.

Dedicated Support

For supporting its users, cPanel is available with dedicated technical manuals that guide the new user and tell how to resolve relevant issues.

User-friendly interface

cPanel has a user-friendly interface that allows its user handiness and hassle-free website management features. It characterizes its features are under manageable modules, and its dashboard comes with an instinctual menu and graphics for smooth navigation. So Linux hosting provider offers more simplicity by cPanel choice.

Diverse types of allowable hosting

cPanel is so absorbing and flexible that it can be used for any shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting.


Affordable Linux hosting with cPanel is one of the shared hosting plans which is enough to run and manage a single website. So if you own a new business website and are short of funds, you can avail of this for business website hosting and enjoy the perks of web hosting.

Beginner’s Choice

Due to simplicity and convenience, it is the best choice for beginners. Moreover, many Linux providers like NAVICOSOFT provides cheap hosting with a cPanel plan which gives the newbies a plus point of affordability. 


Linux hosting is one of the best opportunities for any new corporate or e-commerce website. It is a cost-effective solution for newbies with work flexibility and an easy management tool. NAVICOSOFT provides an affordable excellent web hosting experience and ranks among the top Linux hosting provider companies. It is the best choice for reliable, outstanding, and economical business website and management solutions, with a 4.7-star rating on GOOGLE and 4.8 on Trustpilot.