Why Do Businesses Choose Angular for Developing Digital Products?

Just as choosing the suitable materials for constructing a building is essential, choosing the right tech stack for a digital product is equally vital. Without getting into too much details of a tech stack, let us accept that AngularJS is an impressive development technology.

Why so? Well, that is what we will discuss today from the purview of AngularJS development services and their benefits. AngularJS has become one of the first choices in terms of a web development framework and building end-to-end digital products.

Businesses are accepting AngularJS as their go-to technology; there is no doubt about it. And why shouldn’t they? An Angular JS development company can build CRUD applications with it, which gives them access to an all-in-one solution.

Let’s find out more such reasons for choosing to hire AngularJS developers or to get in touch with an AngularJS development company.

Why Do Businesses Choose AngularJS?

Here is the likelihood of developers choosing to work with AngularJS as a web framework. 11.49% of respondents have said that they have worked with AngularJS and would like to work with it in the future.

It’s Easy to Use

Yes, this point is a bit controversial because we have heard so many developers say that AngularJS is hard as hell! But it isn’t. The thing is that AngularJS is a framework, and it expands the behavioral part of HTML.

Because it’s a framework and not a library, you need not worry about how the default directives are executed. Secondly, AngularJS is declarative. This means that you need to explain every step required to execute a function with AngularJS.

All you need to do is supply the right material, and by virtue of being a framework, it executes the task.

These aspects make AngularJS easy to use. That is why businesses use AngularJS, making their work shorter, smarter, and more efficient.

It has a Unique Architecture

AngularJS is based on the MVC architecture. Well, there is nothing new about it; a lot of frameworks are modeled on the same. Then how is the AngularJS development services different?

Unlike other development technologies, AngularJS does not require the developer to segregate the digital solution into different MVC components. The developers need only divide the solution in the right segment.

This means that any developer using AngularJS has to write less code, which fast tracks the development process. And in a business environment, the solutions that come out first can perform better than others.

Single-Page Applications Support

Single-Page applications (SPA) work better than a website as they have higher transition speed and can function like a native application. Any business that wants to save money by not investing in an application right now can ask an AngularJS development company to build a SPA.

An SPA interacts with the user dynamically by rewriting the current page. This means that it does not need to load an entire new page from the server. As a result, the end-user engages with a desktop-like application without facing an interruption from the changing pages.

AngularJS has got incredible support for single-page applications. The solutions built from here on are faster, they load quickly, and are compatible with different platforms and browsers.

It’s a Two-Way Data Binding Framework

Two-way data binding represents a sequence whereby any changes done to the model are reflected in the View and vice versa. This means that event binding and property binding combine to execute two-way binding in AngularJS development.

A business application developed with AngularJS will certainly benefit with this feature. As the updates to the underlying data or code is automated, it helps with creating a better and more responsive UI.

When put technically, two-way binding facilitates true data encapsulation on the client-side development. This reduces the need and attached complexity to change the DOM, often characterized as destructive manipulation.

AngularJS Gets Google Material Design Benefits

Another one of the benefits for contacting AngularJS development company for development business solutions is Angular Material. Google’s Material Design is a remarkable addition to the development world. It consists of a wide gamut of UI components that are editable to align with the underlying platform.

With Angular Material, the developers can access several UI components like buttons, icons, forms, scroll bars, navigation elements, etc. Having access to all these components makes a developer’s life easier, especially when it comes to building an impressive and responsive web application UI.

Real-Time Testing with AngularJS

Digital solutions built with AngularJS can be tested with end-to-end and unit testing. These two types of testing have different purposes. Unit testing comes into play when a developer wants to validate and verify a distinct piece of code.

End-to-end testing is done to ensure that one set of application components works as intended when they are combined. Moreover, with AngularJS development services, writing the test alongside coding is allowed. This saves a lot of time, which otherwise would be spent on writing the tests after coding is complete.

AngularJS is Easier to Maintain

Maintainability in digital solution development represents the ease of a system with which it can be modified or extended. An AngularJS development services company will mainly find this feature amazing as it is enabled with TypeScript.

TypeScript makes it easier to find bugs in the code as the developers are writing the same. Beginner developers dig this functionality as it gives them a better understanding of the framework and makes them familiar with the data interaction of the digital solution.

AngularJS is a Productive Framework

The code typed in with AngularJS is consistent. A consistent code saves a developer’s time otherwise spent deciding what a function or added component will do; AngularJS performs this itself.

Secondly, we can reuse the code written in AngularJS, and every bit of code is highly organized and stored in modules. These modules make the code reusable and understandable.


Due to its features and functions, AngularJS has helped build some of the most popular digital solutions, including Netflix and YouTube TV. While working with an Angular JS development services company, you need to look for experience, expertise, and understanding of the development team.

Even though AngularJS is easy to work with, it’s not an easy framework to understand. So, you need the right people on your team if you want to build the best digital solution for your business.

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