Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Insulating it with spray foam is one of the most efficient ways of having an energy-efficient property. It remains an excellent measure to protect homes, schools, restaurants, warehouses and hospitals from excessive temperatures and noise pollution at a very economical price. Spray foam insulation even removes common difficulties of insulation installation in older and retro-fitting properties. It does not hinder your home or office’s ventilation with applicability on most surfaces, including metal, breezeblock and wood. Spray foam installation is even helpful for those who are held back from external insulation due to planning restrictions.

How it Works

Spray-foam insulation starts as a liquid foam that hardens into a tough insulating layer on spraying. This reaction allows the chemical mixture to expand rapidly after entering remote, difficult-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices.

Spray foam is offered in two variations: open or closed cell. Closed-cell spray foam minimises heat flow into and out of a structure more efficiently. It has a greater density, which lends to structural support. The closed cell structure of these foams allows them to be waterproof, making them ideal for usage in locations susceptible to heavy rains and flooding.

Numerous Benefits for Homes and Businesses

Spray foam insulation also called spray polyurethane foam (SPF), is much better than traditional and organic insulation alternatives. This option has something in everyone, addressing commercial to residential demands. You can have warmer properties with significantly lower energy bills, better indoor air quality and a mould-free living and working space. Your homes and offices can have decreased noise pollution and airborne contaminants without using hazardous and volatile organic compounds.

Spray foam is typically used to insulate attics and basements in homes because of its high R-value. Here ‘R’ denotes the standard measuring unit, and R-Value signifies resistance to heat flow. A high R-value indicates more resistance to heat flow, meaning a higher insulating value. Spray foam’s property of expansion on spraying ensures your nooks and corners no longer invite or have space for bats, rodents and other pests. As the spray foam layer of insulation is not as thick, you need not even compromise on storage space in your loft.

Spray foam provides superior insulation in sundry commercial and industrial applications. Cutting expenditures is essential for any business. Insulating with spray foam reduces annual energy outlay because of thermal efficiency. New business projects can meet quicker completion deadlines as spray foam is installed at competent speeds, causing no lags. Even hospitality settings can profit from the air-tight atmospheres to live up to their promised experiences of comfort to customers. 

Avoid DIY Spray Foam Installation

Spray foam installation should always be left to the professionals trained to use the correct chemical mixtures and procedures of application. Opting for DIY spray foam installation can become a safety concern and get incredibly messy. Further, improper insulation techniques will leave gaps, undoing all your investment and efforts only to get a compromised result.

Choosing the Right Product and Installers

Picking which product or kind to employ when evaluating spray foam for your building requires expert insights and can be a drawn-out process. Isothane spray foam products have multiple commercial and residential applications. Please browse our range of products and specifications for details or contact us so our technical team can recommend optimum installers based on which areas you want insulating.

With two-plus decades of experience as a manufacturer and installer, Isothane’s in-depth insight and knowledge of the business enable us to provide our clients with exceptional results. We can arrange the most suitable installation services for your requirements and desired outcomes.

Why Isothane is a leader in the development and production of polyurethane technology for use in thermal insulation, rigid foam products, and waterproofing. Our products have repeatedly demonstrated a dependable reputation for advanced compositions suitable to different industry requirements. Strategic alliances with corporations have supported us in accomplishing technological advances that have placed us at the helm of our industry. We continue to satisfy the highest quality standards, as evidenced by our various professional accreditations. Contact our technical staff today to discuss your residential or commercial insulation requirements.