Reasons Why Car Batteries Die.

There are a number of explanations as to why car batteries die. Some of these reasons can be avoided through regular car maintenance. Others are just human errors that can be avoided by paying attention.

Reasons why car batteries die are sometimes the manufacturer’s fault. Hence the reason why you need to pick the best one when you’re buying a new car battery. New car Batteries are meant to last for a long time. Even up to 5 years. But that’s what makes up the difference among the car batteries. Make sure that you check the life span of the battery.

Further ascertain whether the battery is a free maintenance one or a regular maintenance. What that means is that, free maintenance batteries are made with chemical components that don’t degrade after a specific period. But the regular maintenance battery needs a top up of the components as regularly as advised. This regular top up keeps the battery going.

A battery is meant to produce power for starting the car. This takes place through a chemical and acid reaction that generates electric charge. Most vehicles use approximately 12 Volts from the battery. This is enough to start the engine. When the battery is dead, it means that these components are unable to deliver the fitting reaction that produces electric charge. Below we will examine some of the common reasons why car batteries die.

Signs that a battery is about to die.

Before looking into the reasons why car batteries die, let’s first dive into which are the signs that a battery is weak and about to die. That way, you can undertake preventive measures.

  • Radio among other electronic components like AC and dashboard watch don’t work.
  • When the car engine Cranks and clicks but won’t start. Sometimes if the engine only clicks without cranking, it’s a sign of a bad spark plug. So, ensure that you check on the spark plug as well.
  • Dim lights or no lights at all.
  • Slower than usual wipers or no wiper movement at all.

Why Car Batteries Die.

If the battery dies only once in a long period of time without doing so again, there is no cause for alarm. But if this is a repetitive thing, it could be because of either of the following reasons.

1. Old battery.

This is one of the most common reasons why a car battery may die. An old battery is practically out of juice and won’t serve you without dying. So how many times will you call a towing service or request a jump start assistance from a companion.

2. Spoilt charging system.

This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The charging system of the battery originates from the engine’s alternator. If the alternator belt is faulty in any way, the battery won’t be charged.

When conducting regular car maintenance checks, ensure you assess the condition of the alternator belt. Look for any tears on it or any other damages.

3. Electric problems.

The car may undergo some electric problems that can be linked to the fuse box. The electric challenges can cause a car battery to die because they lead to a parasitic drain of the battery. Incase the battery is sending charge to somewhere it shouldn’t especially when the car is off.

4. Battery Connections

The battery connections face challenges that may make the battery ineffective. For example, the battery connections could be loose or Corroded. This prevents the battery from charging as it should. Further it prevents the battery from sending charge to other sections of the car. This is what causes the battery to die.

Ensure that you clean up the battery terminals to get rid of any corrosion. Secondly, during your routine car maintenance practices, ensure that you check the connections to confirm that they’re in a good condition.

5. Extreme temperature.

When the battery is exposed to Extreme temperature, it may change its components. Hence making the battery ineffective in its functionality.