Which 2 Motherboards will Support RTX 3090 the most?

Purchasing a motherboard for a contemporary gaming or creativity PC is not as simple as it may appear, as there are various aspects to consider depending on the amount of return you want on your investment. RTX performance is substantially better than the previous generation, and it easily outperforms the RTX 2080Ti. However, the RTX 3080 will require a powerful system. The RTX 3080 made use of the PCIe Gen 4.0 connection to increase transmission speed even more. Moreover, there are a lot of different kinds of websites, from where you can get the finest RTX 3090 motherboards. It is suggested to check them out, if you are planning on purchasing one. Nevertheless, here are the best 2 motherboards which will support RTX 3090 the most.

  1. ROG Strix B365-G

One of the most essential as well as most important motherboard that can support RTX 3090 properly is the ROG Strix. It is one of the best motherboards of all time and if you like this motherboard and think that it is perfect for you, then it is suggested that you should purchase it. It increases the system’s expandability by adding extra lanes. Despite its age, the ROG Strix is one of the most reliable older-generation motherboards capable of handling the RTX 3080. Not only that, but it has a more appealing appearance than any other motherboard on the market. The ROG Strix is a fantastic RTX 3080 motherboard. Even when the GPU consumes all of the motherboard’s bandwidth, it continues to function normally. You will also receive a protected PCIe slot for added stability. Moreover, the motherboard has an unappealing appearance, however, it does come with the premium Asus treatment. The ROG Strix has a total memory capacity of 64GB, that is a little drawback. The 6 x SATA ports are sufficient for additional expanded storage. 

  1. Asus TUF B460-Pro

The second most essential motherboard that can support RTX 3090 is this one. In comparison to the Z490 series motherboard, the B460 series motherboard takes a back seat. The Asus TUF B460 motherboard is a fantastic addition to the series of motherboards of B460. The Asus TUF B460-Pro is the ideal complement to the RTX 3080. For the simplistic build, it is inexpensive and stylish. So the RTX 3080 appears to be destined for the Asus TUF Gaming B460 Pro Motherboard’s top spot. Asus’s design is brilliant, due to a well-thought-out PCB. Furthermore, the CPU’s performance will scale nicely with the GPU. On the gaming front, the 10th Generation CPUs are pretty good. It supports 128GB of 2933 MHz system memory. There is sufficient quality for future enhancements. It has enough ports for SATA storage expansions, with six available. The motherboard just has a Gigabyte LAN connector for communication, however it does have updated WiFi 6. Although Asus has always been a hobbyist platform, the BIOS is simple to use and explore. The Asus team deserves a lot of credit