Where to buy a moon lamp?

To purchase a moon lamp you can look in stores such as Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro or Redlemon, you can additionally attend the Historic Facility of Mexico City where we make sure you can locate options, along with the craftsmen markets that are found throughout of our nation, one of them in Coyoacán.

If you like to acquire online, you can find a selection of options on Amazon, Mercado Libre, Ebay or in the e-commerce stores of establishments like the ones we discussed above, considering that the majority have a brochure and also online sale.

Purchase standards

To go out and also acquire the lamp we desire, we must know that it is probably the product that can offer us more than simply brighten us. It is worth thinking about the adhering to info prior to deciding what is the finest fit and also what plus we can obtain.

  • Power resource
  • Brightness
  • Steps
  • Appearance
  • Source of power

The power that will give light to our terrific moon calls for a resource that can come from different options relying on the layout with which it was produced. Either by connection to the electrical outlet, get in touch with, by alkaline batteries or using USB.

Wired. The most traditional ones, in this situation the artisanal ones and some modern ones, are frequently linked to the present. They have a light cable that will certainly be attached to the source closest to the area where we place the light. This option is recommended if you are not bothered by cable televisions and prefer an irreversible power option.

Batteries Others utilize batteries or batteries, which are generally placed under or behind the things as well as can be clock, or AAA or AA alkaline. The variety of components you will use will certainly also depend on the supplier. The lifetime of the lamp power will certainly depend on the durability of the batteries and also exactly how frequently the lamp is made use of.

USB. It is the method by which numerous individual devices are currently attached to re-energize. They make use of a cable with a USB port. With the cable television, it will only be enough to attach it to the computer to charge or to a contact that has the proper output. The energy time of the lamp can go from 4 to 20 hrs relying on the usage as well as illumination. Related articel:wall sconces for bedroom


Usually when we decide to buy a lamp we will certainly additionally be determining the kind of light we intend to illuminate our area. Typically one buys the bulb with the kind of light that you like or need, however there are various other items that provide us the alternative to change in between a number of included options. We will certainly see them complying with the table.

Warm lightNeutral or All-natural LightCold light

Temperature2800 and 3200K3,800 K and also 4,500 More than 5,000 K.

CharacteristicAmbient light develops cozy environmentsIt is one of the most comparable to all-natural lightIntense light that fills up the spaces with brightness.

There are also lamps with tinted LED light that offer an enjoyable touch to spaces or bedrooms, and that offer various other tones in special minutes or times. Locate choices with up to 16 colors that you can transform, either by push-button control or by touch setting.


You have to locate the right size for the location where you will certainly put it.

If you are currently clear where you want to put it and even if not; This element is really important since depending on it, you can select one or another action, whether it is floor, hanging, wall or table. It is vital to know what room you have.

Locate the ideal size, with or without a base to make sure that it looks far better where you place it.

Relying on the design, the range of dimensions, for example, modern moon lamps with a base, have home windows that go from 8cm to 24cm, the biggest with 6 other actions in between. If you have a huge room, we most definitely suggest selecting a regular-size moon that will provide your residence an enviable appearance.


Considering that you are picking a moon designed light, ensure you are getting something that looks similar to what you desire. Considering that you will reduce your own moon we suggest that you take care that it has a distinct look whatever style you lean on.

If you are picking an imitation lunar one, you can verify that the structure is the closest to the image of the real moon, the one that has actually been based on NASA as well as not that you receive something with a smooth surface. If you pick a hand-crafted light you will find choices with paint and also forms that assist give it the appearance you need.