What Variables Can Impact The Success of your Candle Labels?

When we say candles, it takes just fewer seconds to evoke an image, a fragrance, or a feeling. Candle labels are the first thing that may come to your mind. Regardless of your target audience, candle labels have an important role to play in the success of your brand. When you are going to choose labels for your candles, there are many things to keep in mind before investing. Let’s check them out:

Basic information about your brand

Of course, labels are the picture of your brand. It provides face value to your brand. So, when you are going to invest in labels, make sure to understand the important things. Products have to share vital information according to the nature of the components. This is why there are some details that are important for every label of the product to show. These details are some standard ones for every product label. These include the name of your company with its logo, the name of a product, a unit of measurement (weight of the candle), the point of contact or website, etc.

After covering these details, it is important to target some other candle-specific info such as candle scent, the type of wax used, container specifications, projected burn time (how many hours the candle will last), etc. Once the potential customers read out this important information about the candles on labels, they can decide appropriately. They can easily find out whether or not a specific candle is suitable for them.

The placement of a label

The next factor that can affect the success of your label is the placement of a candle label. When you are standing between information and branding, the point comes when you have a low space. The best thing about the product packaging is that you can easily use the shape and size of a product label like a candle label and improve your branding. When it comes to the candle, its side or the container it fits in is considered to be the best spot for label placement. But make sure you should not ignore the underside of a product. Of course, the panel’s side is the best place, but you can also mention some necessary details on a separate label applied to the bottom of a candle or container. Aside from that, container lids are also considered to be the best place for labeling. In any case, if there is a surface on the lid, then you can let your label survive in that space. This is how you can perform the branding of your business.

Details about the fire safety

Everyone must know the fact that candles are not as closely regulated as products such as CBD or THC goods, alcohol, or other items. But there should be some label standards to display. According to the National Candle Association, it is advisable to add major fire safety rules on the packaging of a candle. These three fire safety rules are mentioned below:

·         Keep it away from things that are susceptible to fire

·         Keep it away from kids

·         Burn within sight

There is no specific place where this necessary information should be mentioned. It can either be a label or a tag. Not only this, but even dust covers are also interesting places to add the warnings. At the same time, the NCA also provides some graphic safety symbols to add to candle labels. These symbols represent some rules. You can find information about these rules by going online.

Another thing that is important to mention on a label is the manufacturer’s instructions regarding candle burning properly. As the candles are tested based on some fire safety rules, this is why mentioning the instructions on a label or tag can help them enhance their safety.

The right material and adhesive for candles

It is not only important for customers to stay cautious with fire. Choosing the right material for a label and adhesive also plays a vital role. For that, the heat your candle creates is important to keep in mind. While you do not need to keep in touch with the flame, the label does not have an option. As the label has close proximity to the heat, this is why flame produces. It means that a label has to withstand temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit according to the kind of product. With the right selection of material and adhesive, you can prevent premature failure. So, while choosing the materials and adhesive, make sure to understand the application surface and process. Different surfaces have different requirements.

So, all these factors play a great role in the success of candle labels. Ensure to understand them well and if there is any issue, EnvironPrint is the right place to get started because of their expertise.