What Type Of Pakistani Clothes Should We Wear In Summer?

Pakistani clothing has remained one of the most popular trends among fashionistas in Pakistan and abroad, particularly women’s clothing like shalwar kameez and kurtas. Whether you prefer clothing Pakistan online shopping or hitting the streets of Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad, it’s easy to find traditional Pakistani clothing at any price point. 

But don’t forget about your wardrobe for summer! These types of clothing Pakistan online will help you stay cool during the hot season without sacrificing your style in the process.

Shalwar Kameez

The shalwar kameez is perhaps Pakistan’s most well-known traditional dress. Shalwar refers to a pair of baggy pants, while kameez refers to a shirt that comes in a variety of styles. To create your own traditional shalwar kameez outfit, start with a salwar or churidar, both of which are baggy pants that can be long or short. 

You’ll also need a kameez, which comes in a variety of styles and cuts. Finally, you may want to complete your look with an abaya—which is similar to an overcoat—or dupatta—which is like a scarf worn around your neck and shoulders. It’s important to note that there are many different ways to wear shalwar kameez; it’s not just about what you wear but how you wear it!

Trousers & Shirts

Whether you’re heading off on vacation or working from home all summer, lightweight cotton shirts and trousers are a practical way to keep cool during those hot months. 

Traditional dress includes: loose-fitting shirts (often kurtas) and baggy shalwar khameez, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your style. Pakistanis love fashionable clothing Pakistan online as much as anyone else! Popular colors for summer include white, blue, yellow, red, green and pastel shades.


Loose shirts are excellent for keeping cool. A cotton shirt is easy to care for and can be worn on any occasion. To wear during summer, a chiffon shirt is excellent as it does not absorb heat from your body. It’s easier to carry around as well! Denim shirts are a great option too, provided you choose your size carefully. 

Another great benefit: these shirts look trendy when paired with a pair of jeans and sneakers! You can also go for silk shirts or kurtas. These fabrics tend to keep you cool even if they’re a little heavier than other options. If you prefer something more comfortable, try out linen or polyester shirts. 

They’re light enough that they won’t feel bulky under your clothing but thick enough that they’ll keep you warm when things get chilly at night. In short, there are plenty of ways to stay cool while looking stylish during hot weather!


It’s hot! If you live in Pakistan where it gets humid, long pants are an easy way to stay comfortable. They can be paired with a long-sleeved button-down or t-shirt for added coverage. Look for lightweight cotton or linen pants that aren’t too thick. 

Lightweight doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style—just keep it loose, pleated and tapered at your ankles. You can also opt for short pants (shorts) if you prefer something more casual. Just make sure they have enough room to move around comfortably while still being appropriate in formal settings. Buy clothing Pakistan online at House of Faiza.