What to Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai?

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Or want to explore the city of wonders with the comfort of a personal vehicle? Renting a car from a credible platform is the best choice for you.  Finding luxury or SUV rentals in Dubai and other areas of the world is quite easy. These car rental agencies also provide Android phone apps which make the process easier. 

Renting a car is always an economic and time-consuming process. The reason is that rental car homes provide a huge collection of cars at quite reasonable prices with free home delivery and insurance policies. One can easily search any type of car from large-size SUVs to small Suzuki, and luxurious Lamborghini to off-road expert Range Rovers. And ride their dream car by spending only a few dollars. 

How to Rent a Car In Dubai?

The process of renting a car in Dubai is quite easy. It only requires some professional documents, personal information, and money. You can adopt the following procedure;

  • Go to the search engine and search for a credible car rental agency
  • Select the car you desire to rent 
  • Inspect the vehicle 
  • Check their payment and other policies 
  • Sign the contract 
  • Pay and enjoy riding your dream car 

What To Consider? 

Though renting a car in Dubai is quite an easy and cheap process, understanding all possible situations or aspects of renting a car is crucial to avoid any mishap. Some key points to know before renting a car are listed below. 

Why Do You Need To Rent A Car? 

The purpose of renting a car determines the type and size of the vehicle. Therefore, the very first thing to know is the main objective or need of renting a car. The following question can help you with this step. 

  • Do you need a car for casual use or a road trip?
  • Or are you planning to experience an off-road adventure? 
  • How many passengers do you have to carry? 
  • Road type 
  • How much distance do you have to travel? 

Answers to these questions will provide you with enough ideas to select the best car for rent in Dubai or any other area of the world. 

Your Budget

Budget is also an important thing to consider before going for renting a car. Planning to rent a car without considering your budget can cause multiple issues to your wallet health. Therefore, make sure to estimate the budget you need to require for renting a car. Keep your budget flexible to adjust charges or other requirements. 

The credibility of The Rental Car Agency

One can easily find luxury, Sedan, or SUV rentals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. But finding a credible one is quite tough. Therefore, make sure to check the credibility of the car rental company before renting a car. You can take help from the comment and review corner of their official website. Previous customer comments, ratings, and suggestions are considered the true representatives of a company’s credibility. 

You can also check their license, experience certificate, and other documents to analyze their credibility. 

Documents and Other Requirements

The process of renting a car is not tough, but it requires some important documents to proceed with the process. Moreover renting car services also apply some terms or conditions to all customers for renting a car.

These essential documents and conditions are;

  • A valid passport and visa 
  • Tourism license 
  • National identity card 
  • The international driving license 
  • The minimum age limit for renting a car is 20-25 years 
  • Renting cars is restricted to participating in sports activities 
  • Make sure to return on time 
  • Return with gas tank fill 

Insurance and Payment Policy

Most car rental companies also offer insurance policies that protect you to pay for damages or losses in case of any accident, mishap, or robbery while riding a rental car. Therefore, make sure to check which car rental company is providing the best insurance policies to save money. 

Don’t forget to check the price sheet and payment policy of different car rental agencies to get your dream car at minimum rates. 


Renting a car is one of the most economical approaches to making your journey comfortable and luxurious. And considering the above-mentioned points will help you to make the right choice. However, make sure to choose a reliable platform like One Click Drive which not only provides you with a quality product but also saves you a lot of time by providing free delivery and an insurance policy.

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