What Mistakes Should Be Avoided During UPSC Exam Preparation?

If you aspire to clear the UPSC exam, you must be aware that clearing it is not a cakewalk. It would be best to have the right strategy as there is no room for mistakes while preparing for the UPSC exams. Many students are not even aware of what mistakes they are making, and these oversights can sometimes cost them dearly.

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You want to know the mistakes people make during their preparation; here is the list for you so that you can refrain from those errors.

Mistakes to Avoid During UPSC Exam Preparation

  • Not sticking to the syllabus – It is paramount for you to adhere to the UPSC syllabus as many students think of studying various other things outside the syllabus, which is of no use. If you follow the syllabus and study accordingly, it will save you a lot of time and give you time for revision. Therefore, it is advisable to know the syllabus before you start your preparations as it is a roadmap to reach your destination, i.e., clearing the UPSC Exam.
  • Studying without planning – You should always have a proper study plan as UPSC has a huge syllabus. Therefore, you need to divide your day according to the subjects, plan which subject needs more time, and schedule accordingly. Making plans or targets helps complete the syllabus in time and gives you time for revision.
  • Not taking mock tests – Do not take mock tests lightly; irrespective of how well you prepare for the exam, do not forget to take the mock test. All your preparation will go in vain if you do not take mock tests Taking mock tests helps you give a fair idea of your preparation and exam speed.In fact, if you do well in a mock test, you get confidence and understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Studying from multiple books – As a UPSC aspirant, your objective should be to read the books that cover the entire syllabus. Do not spend money on buying a lot of books; focus on quality instead of quantity.
  • Answer writing – Various aspirants wait to complete the syllabus and then start practicing answer writing. This is a wrong approach, as this can affect your score in the main exam because this is the main criteria for selection as it comprises essay writing. It is recommended to practice answer writing along with your preparations as this will help increase your speed.
  • Neglecting newspapers- Make a habit of reading the newspaper every day if you wish to crack the UPSC exam. You need to know about current affairs,and you can get insights into this by reading a newspaper. In fact, you should make points of every new thing that you think is important. Making notes can help you in the revision, as you have jotted down every important point already.

These were some of the common mistakes made by the candidates during the UPSC exam, but now you know the right plan and strategy to opt for. In fact, there are a few more mistakes that you should take care of, such as ignoring the previous year’s question paper, missing short & handy notes, continuous sitting & studying, and avoiding revision. Keep all these points in mind, work on them, and stay positive to clear the exam.