What is the best sushi place on the San Francisco Peninsula?

Sushi is a world-famous cuisine and offers an amazing taste with a breathtaking essence. There can be times when all you can eat is sushi and for these sushi lovers. It is a delight to eat and a pleasure to watch the process of cooking. So, let’s check out some of the best sushi in San Francisco that can never be forgotten. 

Benihana- Burlingame, CA

It is a heaven on earth that provides communal tables for the guests so that people can enjoy the ancient art of Teppanyaki, that too live. The place also offers varieties of Sushi with customised ones, where you can pick and chose the fillings. 

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This inscribes the taste of authentic Japanese food, it has been included in the list of the best sushi in San Francisco, as it makes the most authentic sushi and their top-ranked dishes include- fish sushi. 

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Setting at the bay of San Francisco, this eatery offers the best view with the best food. It includes a lounge, grill and an open garden ambience with your favourite delicacies. It also offers you live cooking sessions where you can see how your sushi’s are made. 

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Otoro Sushi

This Sushi place is heaven on earth for sushi lovers, and it offers you the best ingredients. The chefs are not ready to compromise teh quality and your sushi will be filled with fresh mixes and authentic cooking methods. This gem is restored in Hayes Valley, offering you the traditional Japanese culture with authentic food. 

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Pacific Catch- Sunset District 

As the name suggests this is the best in town for seafood. They make sure to never disappoint their guests and to always bye them off with a satisfactory smiling face, that tells that they had good food. They promise to use fresh and sustainable seafood and do not compromise in doing so. Even if takes everyday hard work. And that’s why it’s the best place to have seafood. 

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Wako Japanese Restaurant 

This is a place where you will be relaxed with peace of mind. The ambience is set up in a way that you will feel like the most comfortable person in the world. And the place offers some authentic food and claims to buy the core ingredients from Japan, to not compromise with the authenticity of Japanese food. Moreover, as it has the capacity for 20 heads, it keeps the place decent and sophisticated. 


PABU- Izakaya

If you want to see a combination of both, this is the right place for you. Pabu, situated in 101 California offers a deadly combination of rustic, old-fashioned Japanese style ambience combined with the freshness and newness of the dining and tops it up with the best sushi bar. 

The above-listed sushi places are the best in town, as they have been liked repeatedly by a numerous number of people who have shared their experience as having genuinely enjoyed the food, specifically sushi. So, whoever says that you can only get the best sushi in Japan or you can not get the authentic ones in California, this is the right list to be shown. 

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