What is the background and importance of the keychain?

The expression “key holder” appears in the 16th century and designates the guard of a prison. The keyring was invented in the 19th century by Samuel Harrison. The origin of key rings dates back to 600, with the Celtic lucky rabbit’s feet. The first Gladiateur brand advertising keyring dates back to 1902.

Although they are small objects that we do not necessarily pay attention to, key rings have a huge impact. If you have a custom keychain attached to your bunch of keys, you surely remember the occasion on which you bought it or when it was given to you.

Symbols of property, their usefulness is endless. From decorative to keepsake bottle openers, our keychains can be personal treasures or miniature extensions of our identity.

How to advertise without spending all your communication budget?

Opt for the company key ring! It’s the best personalized goodies possible! Inlay your logo on the shape and material of the key ring of your choice and you can then distribute your gift to your employees, your customers, and even to your suppliers!

For associations, it is also a great idea to get people talking about you. If you are a cycling association, you can, for example, lend key padlocks, with your logo engraved on the key ring.

On the practical side, we also offer key rings with tokens, for shopping carts or cloakroom lockers, or key rings with straps so you never lose your keys.

Regarding the shapes of keychains, we offer a wide range of models: the classic round, square, rectangular, hearts, and for the most original the sports jersey, the house, the dog bone, the oval, bottle opener, surfboard, mustache, starfish and more. We also offer a great choice of materials: including acrylic, metal, leather, soft PVC, and even wood! An infinite field of possibilities! A keychain always pleases the person who receives it and it will carry your brand wherever it goes!

Why communicate with a personalized advertising keyring?

The advertising key ring is the ideal promotional object for a company wishing to communicate at a lower cost. A small budget should not be an obstacle to the communication of your company. With the personalized key ring, you have the possibility of spreading your promotional message widely, while remaining within a reasonable budget.

The custom keychain with your logo or the message of your choice. Choose from a wide range of models and colors to match your brand image.

It is also a very versatile object, it can be offered to all your employees, customers and prospects, at trade fairs or events, or simply distributed in the street. An advertising item that has proven itself and is appreciated by all, it is ideal for promoting your company, your products or your services, and for building customer loyalty.

Keychains combine the utility of a bunch of keys with the aesthetics of an accessory, making them a practical promotional gift that your employees, customers and prospects will appreciate. As such, it is perfect for a company wishing to offer a useful and original gift. It is a cheap customizable object, which makes it an ideal promotional item for small budgets. It is therefore perfect for a company wishing to make itself known and to promote its products and/or services, at a lower cost.

The advantage of the advertising key ring in a company’s communication campaign is its high level of memorization. Since everyone has one and uses it every day, your brand’s logo or slogan is anchored in the minds of your customers, ensuring good visibility with this customer and his relatives.

Leather promotional keyrings

Do you want to mark the minds of your customers or prospects in a positive and lasting way? Opt for a professional personalized leather keychain with a modern and elegant design. This is the perfect item to showcase your logo or corporate image.

Why buy a keychain? Because everyone needs it!

There are many selection criteria. Everything will depend on your preferences and needs and your profile as a user. In fact, it’s easy to choose your keychain. Consider its usefulness and imagine how you will use it before buying one. Indeed, despite the fact that, apart from collectors, we do not pay particular attention to key rings, know that everyone needs them. Not only so as not to misplace car keys, door keys, etc., but also because it can be an essential element that can be used on a daily basis.

A keychain for young people

Young teenage girls will appreciate a heart-shaped keychain, or another model with a pompom, etc. But in addition, they can also opt for a fancy key ring, another representing a totem…

 Young boys, on the other hand, will prefer a keychain bearing the image of their favorite cartoon heroes such as Tintin, Dupond, Dragon Ball Z characters, spider-man, or quite simply a multifunction keychain. In addition, figurines are currently on the rise.

A keychain for professionals

If you’re running a business, you can’t bypass the bunch of keys. Indeed, the keys of warehouses, offices and all your premises must be united in a single element. Choose in fact, a keychain with very robust rings with black leather or brown leather for elegance. In any case, regardless of the model, it must be very resistant given the mistreatment that your many keys reserve for it.

A keychain for adults

Are you looking for a men’s keychain? You can choose a mini led lamp that will act as both a torch and a bunch of keys. Of course, there are other ideas that may appeal to you. You will be free to choose the right men’s keychain you need. A bottle opener is also an original keychain that is perfect for adults. Moreover, to push the cap even further, it is possible to have a personalized bottle opener as a key ring.

Rest assured ladies, you have not been forgotten. Indeed, women will quickly find a key ring that suits them. Yes! This accessory can be the perfect charm to enhance your look. If it is possible to attach certain models to your handbag, be aware that other models can take the form of chains that you can attach to other accessories. Whatever your desires, you can be sure to find the keychain of your dreams. A multicolored key ring, a silver or gold-colored key ring to allow you to keep your keys at hand, but above all to act as a bag charm.