What is social media and why it is used?

Social is a way to connect, communicate and share your information in form of text, image, file to your friends, family, companies, organization and other. It permits you to associate and be in contact with other far off people. Socialmediagirlsforum are also exceptionally well known platform these days.


“Social media is a platform or a tool that utilizes the internet to work with discussion. It is the shift from broadcast medium, one-to-many, and many-to-many, models established in a discussion between creators, people, and friends.”

“Social means human connection with another human” and “media implies a platform or a tool which we used to make a connection with others.

Social media is utilized for human connection/cooperation. Among every one of the purposes of the internet, social media is a generally utilized platform.

The reason for social media is to create a platform for people through which humans can interface. Social media is also a helpful platform for ideological groups to promote their campaigns and interest for votes. Social media is also utilized for the review. You can share your composition and thoughts on social media. The main motivation behind social media is communication. For marking, customer administration, joint effort, resident commitment, resident support, social media is utilized.

Types of social media:

There are different sorts of social media Platforms:-

Social networks (connect with people) like Facebook, Twitter. Media sharing networks (share photos, videos) like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. Discussion forums (share news and media), for example, quora, Digg, Reddit. Bookmarking and content curation network (discover, share and save new content) like Pinterest. Consumer review network (find and review business) such as Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor. Blogging and publishing network (publish content online) such as word press. Social shopping networks (shopping online) such as Amazon, eBay, fancy. Interest-based network (share interest and hobbies) such as Instagram, snap chat, Youtube.

Sharing economy networks (trade goods and services) like Uber, Airbnb. Mysterious social network (communicate anonymously) like whisper, afterschool.

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The platform of social media:-

In 1999, QQ was presented, a Chinese platform with a wide range of administrations including email, online social media games, music, shopping, texting, and so on.

Later on in 2004, Facebook was developed used to trade messages, offer remarks, announcements, and post. In 2006, Twitter was concocted, a social media platform that clients utilized for tweet messages, sharing photographs and recordings. Besides, in 2009, a moment application Whatsapp was presented; this is utilized for sharing photographs, recordings, and refreshing status. This is a securely utilized application. In 2010, the versatile social application Instagram was presented. In 2011, a versatile utilizing application snap talk was presented this is the camera and furthermore utilized for sharing recordings and for discussion. Another application Wechat was presented; a Chinese application utilized for voice messages, sharing photographs, recordings (like Whatsapp).

Advantages of social media:

There are a wide range of advantages of social media:-

There is an extraordinary utilization of the social platform. This makes a connection between the client and the brand accomplice. This makes an easy way out to the website. This is a window into the opposition. There’s an extraordinary chance to fan out among social media networks. This dispenses with rock guys on the way to buy. Social media client created content. Besides, social media has open, fair customer input.

Social media is a modest platform. In this way, it is a decent platform for private ventures.

Disadvantages of social media:

Social media has a few weaknesses as well as have benefits. These benefits are following:-

Social media misses the mark on profound connection. Also, Social media causes interruption. Social media cause the decrease of family closeness. It also makes face gatherings to feel detached. Social media makes sluggishness. Social media has a slanted mental self image.

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