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What is content marketing and what are the benefits for your business?

Do you want to attract the right visitors (read: customers) at the right time (when they need you) and bind them to your company (until they become customers)? Then content marketing is an indispensable part of your online marketing strategy.

After all, good content is  the way to increase your findability, visibility and online success! Doesn’t the term ‘content marketing’ immediately ring a bell?

How (and why) did content marketing come about?

Outbound marketing: disruptive advertising for everyone

In the beginning there was … outbound marketing , also known as traditional marketing. Outbound commercials were (and still are) mainly aimed at rapid visibility to a large audience, not a specific target group.

Think of TV and radio advertisements, folders in the letterbox, advertisements in magazines… Such advertisements are omnipresent and therefore often disturbing. Nobody asked for it.

For marketers, outbound marketing is not always ideal either: for example, outbound is difficult to measure . Do you advertise in a trade magazine? Then you will probably reach a number of potential customers. That’s what you’re guessing.

Opt-out: the consumer became more powerful

Since the rise of the internet and the digital age, consumers have become more powerful . They can flush advertising, block ads, ban advertising brochures from the letterbox… In short: they decide for themselves which advertising they want to receive.

Moreover, Google, blogs, social media, influencers and other online channels have become the way to search for information yourself . Consumers have become smarter and share their experiences with others online.

From outbound to inbound: marketing with added value

As a result of this evolution, companies had to do their marketing differently: putting the customer first, not the company. Insert inbound marketing , a new strategy where you publish the right content in the right place and at the right time , so that the right people find you when they need you.

Fast visibility is central to outbound marketing, inbound marketing is much more focused on the findability of your content by the right people . Since almost everything takes place online, the results are also much easier to measure and you know better what your marketing campaigns and advertising budgets are yielding.

What is content marketing with a Digital marketing Company?

To make sure that your target audience finds you at the right time (when they need you), you need  content  : you are going to offer relevant information, answers and solutions through your online channels. Content is therefore the cornerstone of inbound marketing.

Content marketing  is a strategic form of marketing where you create and share relevant and useful content in order to attract and bind a specific target audience to your company, in the hope that they eventually become customers.

In other words, instead of pitching your products and services, you share relevant and useful information that your potential customers can relate to: answers to their questions, solutions to their problems. That way they will come to you when they need you!

You can offer added value in various ways through content marketing  . You can inform, inspire, entertain or teach your readers.

How does content marketing work?

As a company, you will first and foremost determine what your goals are and who your target audience is. Based on this, you draw up a content marketing strategy to determine what you will share, when with which target groups and for what purpose. Then you get to work!

Attracting visitors through content marketing – what is content marketing – Lancelot

Attract visitors through content marketing

If you offer the right content for your target groups on your website and via your blog and also share that content via social media, you will (hopefully) attract the right visitors to your website via search engines (think of your SEO or search engine optimization !) and social .


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