What Are The Cheapest States to Live in Right Now

COVID-19 has put a heavy toll on the U.S. economy. Prices of many goods and services have grown exponentially during the pandemic period. It has led to an increase in the cost of living in many states.  

You probably won’t find that many cheap places to live in major metropolises and cities. But that doesn’t mean America is lagging when it comes to affordable states. If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, come take a look at Columbia apartments! It is known as the land of opportunity for quite a few reasons. That said, here are the seven cheapest states to live in right now:  

#1. Mississippi 

Consumer Price Index: 5.8%↑  

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 75/75  

Mississippi is currently the cheapest state to live in right now. Located on its western front is the Mississippi River. Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico, on the other hand, sit on Mississippi’s eastern and western front, respectively. The Southern state offers way beyond affordable food and low energy prices. You’ll find lots of amenities and facilities like Cox customer service number at affordable rates. What’s more, the price of a single-unit room in Mississippi runs an average of $400-500 a month. 

Attractions include the Vicksburg National Military Park.  

#2. Kansas 

Consumer Price Index: 5.8%↑  

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 74/75  

How much do veterinary services cost in New York? A couple of hundred dollars. An operation can easily cost you somewhere near 500 bucks in New York. Now, the same in Kansas is half the total cost. Let’s talk about food now. You can get a steak at a 20% lower price in a Kansas restaurant as compared to a New York restaurant. Moreover, monthly energy bills in Kansas are just shy of $160. The overall affordability makes it one of the cheapest states in America.  

#3. Oklahoma 

Consumer Price Index: 5.8%↑   

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 72/75  

There are several reasons why Oklahoma is among the cheapest states in the U.S. Food prices are low. A loaf of bread in Oklahoma would cost you 30% less than what it would in Portland. Energy bills are half that of New Haven in Connecticut. Moreover, apartment rentals are low. For instance, a two-bedroom unit in Ponca City would cost you just $502 a month. What’s more, some of the finest chicken-fried steak, Indian tacos, and fried-onion burgers are cooked in Oklahoma.  

#4. Arkansas 

Consumer Price Index: 5.8%↑    

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 71/75  

Arkansas is the world capital of many things. Spinach, folk music, and archery bow production are among them. Its topography comprises hot springs, rivers, caves, and mountains. The state has fantastic hiking trails and limestone caves. Did you know? Former US President Bill Clinton was a two-time governor of Arkansas. Food prices in this state are low. Half a gallon of milk costs about $1.78. Moreover, energy bills run an average of just $143 a month.  

#5. Missouri 

Consumer Price Index: 6.1%↑     

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 69/75  

Missouri is home to some six million residents. It is the 19th most populous state of the country. It has something for everyone. Cinema enthusiasts love them some Missouri due to cheap ticket prices. Who says you have to travel to Hollywood to watch a movie? You can watch the same at a 30% lesser price in Kansas City. Also, clothing prices are extremely affordable. You can get a nice shirt in Missouri at 25% less than in Boston. Moreover, a single-room unit would cost you between 450 and 550 bucks a month.  

#6. Alabama 

Consumer Price Index: 5.8%↑      

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 68/75  

Alabama has one of the lowest housing prices in the United States. A 2,400 square feet house with four rooms and two baths would cost you about $290,146. This is one-third of the price you would pay for the same house in California’s Orange County. Moreover, a bottle of wine in Atlanta will cost you about 75% more than it would in Alabama. So, wine and dine in your Sweet Home in Alabama.  

#7. New Mexico 

Consumer Price Index: 5.1%↑       

Cost of Living Score in 2021: 66/75  

Monthly apartment rentals are several hundreds of dollars in New Mexico. In contrast, you would have to pay several thousand bucks for an apartment in Maryland’s Bethesda. Similarly, air conditioning and heating expenses are also quite low in New Mexico – about 20% less than they are in other states. The average monthly bill in New Mexico is $155.29.