What Are The Best Security Measures To Strengthen Exam Security?

It is always a challenging task to organize examinations on a big level. It takes a lot of effort to conduct exams as it needs tight security and a task force. In India, it is not easy to organize such exams as theft and tampering in exams are serious issues.

We all know that the population of India is near 150 crores and nearly 30-35% of youths appear in government and semi-government examinations yearly. Every single security aspect is important in conducting exams smoothly. We cannot stop cheatings, malpractice, and tempering without upgrading our security systems. Handheld metal detectors, biometrics, rental generators are modern security solutions to protect examinations from any miss happening.

Metal detectors:

Metal detectors are old but accurate and renowned security solutions. These are also called frisking machines. We often get frisk at railway stations, metro stations, airports, malls, and exam centers. These metal detectors frisk all the bodies and detect suspicious things like hidden metal, knives, guns, and other elements. In the context of the exams, these hand metal detectors help to strengthen security as thousands of students give exams at once. It is not easy to secure every single aspect of examinations in the crowd of thousands of students. So, the use of metal detectors can make things easy and strengthen security.

Power generator:

This is mentioned above that many security measures that enhance exam security are important to be implemented. And when it comes to power cuts, the ultimate solution for this problem is power or diesel generators. Electricity outage is a big problem in cities, and it can create a big hassle during examinations. A generator on rent can reduce the chances of sudden power cuts during exams. These power generators ensure the smooth running of electricity during exam times. Renting a generator can benefit many organizations because it is not easy to buy it every time for different centers. That is the main benefit of these generators as this can cater to multiple centers at once.

Biometrics system:

Biometrics is one of the latest and reliable security solutions. And this helps to detect miss tempering during examinations. Especially in exams, it is not easy to mark their attendance in old traditional ways, so the new quick alternative takes its place. Biometrics is the sharpest technique to guarantee the legitimacy of candidates at the exam center. Biometric is a safe and unbiased digital system. It also contains correct information about the candidates appearing in exams. Biometric service providers provide all these security solutions to ensure exams are at their best. There are many types of biometric systems like face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition biometrics. These are all the upgraded security systems that secure examinations at their best.


Conducting examinations is a big challenge for any organization. India is a country with over 135 crores of people. It’s not easy to keep an eye on everything, and the situation becomes tough when it comes to exams. For some years, the leakage of paper in the examination has been a major matter of concern. The big reason for this type of fraud is a lack of security services. To ensure proper exam security, the exam conducting bodies should take all the necessary security measures to prevent all kinds of wrongdoings and malpractices. Biometrics, rental generators, and metal detectors can strengthen security and help to organize partial examinations.