Useful And Trendy Diwali Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Be Liked by Your Loved Ones

Diwali is the season of lights and crackers, but nowadays, it’s more of a season where festivities don’t just include delectable Indian sweets and Diya’s. During today’s festive seasons, a lot of gift-giving and gift-taking is done. Moreover, gifts are getting trendier and bigger, and more audacious with each passing year. There are a plethora of products in all ranges to choose from. 

You can give devices and apparel to home items and vouchers. There is no dearth of options at a portal like the Bajaj Mall Store for shopping and around every corner, there is a Diwali offer. Phone shopping was never easier with offers like cashback vouchers. 

If you are looking to buy a gift but seeking a  Diwali offer on phone, then wait no more, Bajaj Mall would be the perfect place for you. When you think about buying gifts, always consider the receiver and likes and dislikes. In this article, we provide you with a listicle of the ten best gift ideas, each one with a purpose and in vogue.


This may sound cliche, but it’s at the top of every gift list today, be it for Diwali or a birthday. If you are giving a smartphone to a dear one, you may be willing to spend more. There is nothing trendier than any one of the latest phones you get today, whether it’s an OPPO F19s or a new Samsung Galaxy A12 model. 

At the Bajaj Mall Store, you get cashback offers of up to 30% on some models and EMI facilities with zero down payment facility on select models. For instance, on OPPO and vivo phones, you get a flat cashback of 1,000 INR. You can also check out some budget Redmi phones under 15000 INR with discounts attached. 


Available for all genders, a smartwatch is definitely going to hit the right spot as a Diwali gift. You can choose from top brands like Garmin, GOQii and OPPO. Right now, Garmin is considered to be the best brand and if you want a flagship watch for a sports enthusiast, this is the one. 

All the latest smartwatches, including the famous Fitbit watches, have superior tracking and monitoring tools that the young and senior segments will love. Smartwatches are useful and they do much more than just tell the time, going all the way from monitoring your blood-oxygen levels to tracking the distances you walk. 


You may get budget phones like Redmi phones under 15,000 INR tempting you to go for this sought-after gift, but think again. If you are giving a present to a music-lover, explore a range of speakers from top brands like JBL and Matata. 

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These make unique gifts and people appreciate the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers that are versatile.  Currently, Diwali offers at the Bajaj Mall Store include cashback offers on a number of speakers that are high-end devices. For instance, on JBL and Matata speakers, you get up to 15% cashback. 


If you have children to give gifts to, then depending on the age, you can think of categories of toys. For the younger set, you get everything from wooden rocking horses to camping play tents and paddling pools. Robotic cars and robots are also available, including remote-controlled ones. These are loved and adored by younger children who spend hours with them. 

Fitness Equipment

Present trends include fitness gear as well as home fitness equipment like portable treadmills and exercise bikes. With several people still apprehensive of attending physical gyms, you can buy exercise equipment like a Propel exercise bike with 25% cashback from the Bajaj Mall Store. This equipment appeals to fitness enthusiasts and promotes general fitness. 

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Especially for a foodie, or someone who adores cooking, cooking equipment is a boon. You can choose from the simplest hand blenders to toasters and stovetops. 


Since it’s challenging to get away from gadgets in this technology-packed world, tablets are a good gift option. You even get play tablets for children. In the advanced range of tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Series (Tab A7 or Tab A7 LTE) are good presents. 

Massage Products

Lifestyle products are always appreciated. You can buy everything from a massage chair to foot massagers as gifts. Useful products, especially for seniors and individuals with ailments, these gifts are well-liked. 


This category of gifts can include everything from tableware to useful things for the home, such as lighting, furniture and home furnishings like cushions. Always appreciated, specifically for homemakers, these are useful gifts. 

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Buying apparel may not seem like a great gift idea, but you can buy anything from caps to clothes and accessories as gifts. This is a nice change from common gift ideas like Redmi phones under 15,000 INR. Apparel is affordable too. Consider affordable jewelry or accessories like sunglasses. 

Gifts at Your Doorstep

You can grab great gifts with the Diwali sale at the Bajaj Mall Store. With superb discounts and cashback of up to 30% on select items, shopping becomes extremely affordable. Additionally, by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can opt to purchase items on No Cost EMIs.