Upgrading Honor Points in WoW

Do you want to upgrade your honor level in World of Warcraft quickly and efficiently? Then order the honor pumping service from us. 

What Honor Points Are Used For

They are needed to purchase epic items from vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Despite all the shortcomings, such equipment is usually useful everywhere. Thanks to our boost, you will be able to get all of this gear within a few days. Wotlk honor farm can be tried in several ways. The daily quest gives 2400-2500 and a chance to get 25 arena points. After passing the daily, we get 1900 points and an additional bonus when we pass again. Therefore, there will definitely not be problems with the pumping speed. The main thing is to provide an account with the game time purchased for a month.

How the boost honor

To begin with, the booster team goes to the battle for Wintergrasp. Every three hours, our team will go there, because there you can get from 5000 to 10000 honor points. In addition, farmed a huge amount of gold and experienceThe bottom line is to destroy the towers and get a huge amount of experience. Further from each heroic boss you get certain emblems, that is, signs of heroism. And of course, we will fight on the battlefields, which in fact is one of the universal options. What rewards will you receive?

1- Discount on large amounts of honor;
2)- Many honorable kills;
3)- Any number of honor points
4)- Gold, equipment

Important mention: there is a certain limit of honor points in the game and it is 75000 points. However, there is no point in worrying if you have spent more. We offer wotlk honor farm to absolutely all clients. However, before purchasing a service, please read the basic requirements:

1)- Character account
2)- level 70
3)- service is a pilot
4)- What can you buy with honor points?

There is a huge amount of epic gear you can buy from wotlkthat is available after. Various merchants are located in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. In addition to various devices that cannot be removed (rings, neck, backrest, keychain). These honor points can also be used for PvPrare qualityIn addition, there are many different ways to spend honor points. 

Why is it worth buying a boost from us?

We perfectly understand how hard it is for you to spend your game time on passing not very interesting quests and dungeons. Therefore, our staff of employees is ready to efficiently and quickly upgrade the achievement points of any character at the right time. Our advantages are speed, you will be able to monitor the process thanks to screenshots and video fragments that our boosters will send. Affordable and reasonable prices. On our website, the support service will advise you very quickly, so do not stand aside and order the service from us.