Unique Ways to Pick the Right Earrings for a Bold Look

Nothing makes styling effortless than pairing the right earrings with every outfit. While not everyone desires to achieve a bold look, many wish to try it at least once. If bold looks don’t scare you, consider replacing traditional earrings with statement pieces. Since the market offers countless designs, picking the right earrings for a bold look can be challenging for some. This article will show you different unique ways to choose the right earrings for a bold look. Let’s quickly explore the ways shared below.

Pick Earrings Having a Similar Detail to Your Outfit

If you are excited to sport bold earrings with your everyday outfits but aren’t sure of the way to pick the right earring, this method would help. Pick any striking detail, like the color of the patterns printed on the outfit, and look for earrings in similar shades. For example, if you’re wearing a top with prominent blue color patterns, pair the outfit with some blue colored earrings. You can also pair the look with gemstone bangles to make the look complete. 

Select Earrings Based on Events

Earrings form an integral part of all attires, but special emphasis needs to be given while selecting earrings for special events. To make yourself noticeable, you should get earrings that best match the event’s purpose. For example, if you’re going to business events, including dazzling studs with your outfit over dangling earrings would give you better looks. If you’re going on a date, picking exquisite earrings over simple ones would help shape your look better. 

Get Earrings Highlighting Your Skin Tone

It is a unique way that few follow to get the right earrings. To create a truly bold look, you need earrings that complement your skin tone and attire. According to fashion experts, silver earrings look best on people with light and dark skin tones because of the metal’s reflective qualities. People with a cooler skin tone should prefer colorful earrings in shades of blue, red, purple, etc., for a striking look. If you are ready to get some latest earring designs for upcoming events or daily wear, explore new design earrings in Melorra

Make Use of Color Wheel

Consider using a color wheel to your advantage when you get confused with too many earring options. The best part of a color wheel is you can easily identify colors that would best complement your outfits. One of the easiest ways to pick colors is by selecting shades on opposite sides of a color wheel. For example, if blue and red are the opposite shades on a wheel, you can get blue-colored earrings to match red-colored outfits, or vice-versa. The wheel can also be used to utilize your color theory knowledge to put together attention-grabbing and stylish attires.  

Always Look for Tasteful Earrings

You should be careful with your earring choices if you want to look classy and bold at formal and informal events. You can get earrings that feature timeless designs and boast good quality. Try to stay away from flashy plastic earrings or complex designs unless it aligns with your style preference and personality. 

Elevate Your Style Game with the Right Earrings

If you like to create style statements with your well-thought attires, you must be careful with your earring selection. Picking the wrong accessories, especially earrings, can disrupt your entire appearance. If the traditional and mainstream earring designs don’t interest you, try finding the right earrings using any method shared above. These methods have been carefully designed to help you select earrings that seamlessly contribute in creating a bold and attention-grabbing look.