Tzvi Odzer a Successful Business Expert

Tzvi Odzer is the renowned business personality. He is the founder and CEO of a trusted and leading suppliers of janitorial, maintenance and foodservices products. In 2000 he was awarded the CEO of the Year in Distribution business services by Ernst & Young. The Tzvi Odzer is also a recognized as a philanthropist who always works for disable people and striving hard to give the equal rights to disable employees during hiring process and at the workplace. The Tzvi feels proud himself being the advocate of Arab- Jewish cooperation.

Tzvi started his distribution business journey 30 years back and now he has become successful business man. He always comes forward to share his expertise in different publication. His articles published in prominent blogs and magazine like Money High Street, Digital Journey, MENAFN, and many more. Before placing foundation of, he started Calvary Suppliers and YBT industries. Tzvi Odzer strived hard and made the YBT industries and Calvary Suppliers top of the listed companies in the market. Tzvi Odzer schooling started from Yeshiva of Flatbush High School and earned the Business Management and Administration degree in Brooklyn College Scholars Program. During vocation when he’s not working, he put his time and effort in philanthropy, sports and family.

Tzvi Odzer started his journey when he was at age of 18, outside the basement of parent company he started to sell the paper items around the locality. Tzvi Odzer is a visionary leader that belief on independent thinking of employee that greatly help to create unique and the best solution to problems. That is really matter in the business growth and success.

Tzvi Odzer’s worked hard  and made the YBT industries one of the top rated distribution company in the market. He had taken the YBT from storm and made it progressive company. The Tzvi Odzer believes in looking at long standing problems in the business and stress over the independent thinking of employee that create new solutions. As per the wording of Tzvi Odzer ”having a vision for a better future within your industry is key for making long-standing changes that will be recognized by others as changing the game”.

Tzvi Odzer independent and consistent success inspire the new entrepreneur to start a business with confidence. The new starters even can start from the ground. They just need a firm commitment and dedication to grow quickly. Tzvi Odzer started his business when he was 18 years old. He started his business journey from his parent’s basement, which he later on made a successful business in the market.

Odzer knows the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment in the business. The business industries has become so competitive and to give a taught time you have to take some bold steps. He also believes in social works. This is why he pay back to the community through his philanthropic acts such as providing his expertise to NGos,, new startups and entrepreneurs.

To serve and payback the community the Tzvi Ozder foundation offers scholarships to high school and college students for those who cannot afford the ever increasing college fees. Odzer stresses over the importance of education which helped propel hi to success.