Top Websites That Offer Online Algebra Summer Course

Algebra is a pretty tricky part of mathematics. Most students either find it too boring or too difficult and then give up practicing it. However, being strong in math is crucial because it helps you prepare for college and sharpens your critical thinking skills.

Did you know that 77% of students feel that being good in math is necessary because it guarantees good scores in college or university? If you’re struggling with algebra and wish to pursue a summer course to revise your concepts more thoroughly, here are a few amazing websites to help you!

1. eTutorworld

eTutorworld provides summer courses in many subjects like mathematics, English, AP, and coding, to name a few. And, its algebra summer courses are renowned for helping students grasp concepts easily.

You can either book a free session to see the various classes that will be held or straightaway buy the summer algebra course package. In addition, you will be assigned a personalized tutor who will help you resolve all your algebra doubts.

Moreover, based on your strengths and weaknesses in this subject, your tutors will provide you with a form of customized learning that can be very useful. 

2. IXL

IXL is another amazing platform for your algebra summer courses. If your parent or guardian is busy and isn’t able to sit with you and help you out with your sums, IXL will do that for you!

It monitors every child’s progress with algebra over a long period and then sets benchmarks according to how strong or weak you are in a particular algebra topic. IXL is especially great for children studying from grades kindergarten to 11.

Each level comes with hundreds of algebra sums to practice at your own pace. Your progress reports will be sent to your parents so that they get a clearer idea of how well you’re doing in the practice papers.

3. Math Planet

Math Planet is an online resource that will teach you algebra for free. In addition, you can take high-school algebra courses in pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, and even geometry!

Moreover, you can find a host of practice questions that will prepare you for exams like the SAT and ACT. Most of the education material is based on US algebra, but we all know that the basic formulae and operations remain the same, no matter which country you live in.

Math Planet is a part of Mattecentrum, a Swedish organization that aims to help students struggling in subjects like English and mathematics. It was founded in 2008 and received over 30,000 interested students in its math camps.

4. PARCC games

Want to make your summer course fun? Then check out PARCC Games! It will not only teach you algebraic operations in a fun way but will also do your homework for you.

Its newest feature, Do My Math Homework For Me, will teach you how to solve sums and complete your homework so that you can understand algebra easily and then solve sums independently.

PARCC Games understands that not every student can excel in algebra, which is okay. However, every student needs to have a basic knowledge of this subject to excel later in life. By paying a minimal fee, you can enroll yourself and take a crash course in no time!

5. UConn

The University of Connecticut has also arranged a special summer online algebra course for senior students.

Even if you’re not a student of UConn, you can still apply and participate in the summer program. It offers a fully-online math course of 3 credits that includes algebra. The best part is that since many college students enroll here, the fees are pretty low.

So, if you wish to save money and learn algebra from a reputed place, UConn’s course is just the one for you. You can participate at any time of the day and from anywhere. But, of course, you’ll need a stable internet connection and the will to learn!

Over to you…

Taking a summer course on algebra is a wise decision as it prevents summer slides and gets you prepared for your next semester or term. These five websites have proven useful for students of all backgrounds and ages, so check them out today!