Top Under 50 Leaders of Banking and Fintech Innovation to Watch Out for in 2022

Innovation is at the very heart of progress and undoubtedly a force that drives technology. Visionary leaders understand this and are passionate about innovation. When it comes to the financial world, we are currently witnessing an unprecedented tech revolution and at the center of it are some of the fintech leaders of the world. They have entered an industry that has worked along traditional lines and staggered under time-consuming processes. These are certainly some of the leaders to watch out for in 2022.

  • Daniel Schreiber – Daniel Schreiber is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lemonade Inc.- one of the premier insurance companies operating out of the USA and Europe. Schreiber, one of the famous financial leaders of the world, describes himself as a “results-oriented technology executive, with a bias for innovation“. His leadership has revolutionized insurance-related processes, such as policy issuance and claims settlement,  using Artificial Insurance. His role in Lemonade’s incredible success and breakthrough in a centuries-old industry is attributed to his love of technological innovations and emphasis on transparency. He emphasizes bringing the best of computer sciences and social sciences to an industry laden with bureaucracy.
  • Dustin Cohn – Dustin Cohn is the Head of Brand and Marketing: Consumer and Investment Management at Goldman Sachs in New York. Having joined the team responsible for launching Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Dustin Cohn became passionately involved in developing a customer experience that would allow the company to create a much larger customer base and maintain the trust built up by the brand. Cohn is a “key driver of product innovation” in his own words. He uses this penchant for innovation to drive business results and bring a fresh perspective to a very traditional industry.
  • Sanjiv Bajaj – Sanjiv Bajaj, one of the top financial leaders of India, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv Limited. Apart from being one of the best fintech leaders of India, Bajaj is also a champion of innovative and transformative business in the country. He has led the transformation of non-banking financial institutions in India by introducing innovative fintech solutions. His immense contribution has allowed for the  financial inclusivity and the rapid growth of Bajaj Finserv. A thought leader, Bajaj is a big believer in every individual’s ownership in the organization. 
  • Jay and Luvleen Sidhu – Jay and Luvleen Sidhu are the co-founders of BankMobile- one of the fastest-growing digital platform providers in the US. Luvleen Sindhu is the Chair, CEO & Founder of BM Technologies Inc., and Jay Sindhu is the Chairman & CEO of Customers Bancorp, Executive Chairman of Customers Bank. These two famous financial leaders are very optimistic about the future of fintech and the growing importance of technology in the banking industry. Their emphasis on the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model comes from a conviction that soon customers will seek out financial services that are technology-driven and high on security.

Scott Case – Scott Case is the CIO of Trust Financial Corporation. Having assumed office after the historic merger between BB&T Corporation and SunTrust Banks Inc., Case has relied on technological solutions to support financial products such as credit, mortgage, wealth management, and retail banking. The case is also known for his efficient initiative leadership, Building for Better (B4B) B4B, driving strategic change by executing innovative ideas and solutions. Some of the top finance personalities of India firmly believe that fintech is set to be the major differentiator that will set the market leaders apart from the rest. Given the increased focus on financial literacy and inclusivity in the country and the world, it is that a greater amount of resources be allocated to developing applications and platforms, security systems, and protocols that will allow the traditional finance and investment to come of age. Even as most economies go into recovery mode in 2022, the fintech revolution is underway, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst. We must watch out for these financial leaders and their vision for the times to come. 

While the introduction of technology has become a gamechanger in the financial services industry, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic truly put the fintech revolution on overdrive. Some of the top financial personalities, such as Daniel Schreiber and Dustin Cohn are names to watch out for in 2022 when introducing innovative technology in the financial industry. Leaders like Sanjiv Bajaj and Scott Case have leveraged the best that fintech offers to bring in-  financial inclusivity and maintain market leadership. Jay and Luvleen Sidhu are prime examples of leaders using technology to reach out to the masses.