Top types of Virtual Expos

A virtual expo or a virtual trade show is an event that is conducted online with the help of virtual event solution providers. It allows the attendees to engage and interact with different booths and even place direct orders. The onset of the pandemic has further contributed to the popularity of virtual expos. Virtual expos can be of different types and can focus on different topics. This article will provide you with a list of the different types of virtual expos trending in 2022.

Virtual Business Expo

A virtual business expo is an event where people from different industries meet with their target customers and display their products and services. Online business expos can be of the following types –

  • Manufacturing Industry Expos

Manufacturing is one of the most important industries. The constant evolution in manufacturing technology and the use of AI and other advanced techniques in production has made the manufacturing industry expo a trending topic. The manufacturing industry has been quick to realize the benefits of virtual expos.

  • Restaurant Expos

Virtual restaurant expos showcase the booths of different food suppliers or restaurants. Each restaurant presents its new food items, and the attendees get a chance to explore the food and service aspects of the restaurants.

  • Home and Garden Trade Shows

These types of expos witness the participation of home and garden building accessories like fountains, plants, awnings, and draperies. Home and garden expos are highly trending in 2022.

  • Art & Craft Trade Shows

Virtual Art and craft trade shows mobilize artists and craft makers across the globe to showcase their artistic products. These expos allow the customers to explore the different products and also place orders directly with the artists.

  • Salon Industry Trade Shows

Salon industry expo is another example of a virtual business expo. All the salon owners gather to display and promote their services. The customers can also engage directly with the salon owners and make powerful connections with them.

  • Technology Expos

Technology is an ever-trending topic and is still trending in 2022. Virtual technology expos witness the participation of different technology companies, both tech service providers and tech gadget providers. Moreover, the customers get to experience the latest technology developments and understand the technology behind them.

  • Automobile Expo

Automobiles can never go out of fashion. They keep developing in technology. Automobile expos are a great way for auto companies to showcase their new developments in the auto industry and promote their latest car models. The customers can get a first-hand experience and compare the products of different companies further facilitating their decision-making.

  • Healthcare Equipment Manufacturers Expo

Healthcare Equipment Manufacturers gather to promote the latest developments in the technology of the equipment used in the healthcare industry. The major target customers of such expos are doctors, hospitals, and testing centers. Moreover, the owner of hospitals and testing centers can visit these expos to explore the latest developments.

Virtual Career Expo

A virtual career expo or a career fair is an event where the recruiters meet with the job seekers and discuss the various employment options available for them. Virtual career expo also involves the participation of colleges, universities, and institutions that discuss future career direction with the candidates and promote their courses. These career fairs are very helpful for both the job seekers and the students to find the best job opportunities and courses for their career growth. As more and more people are interested in career growth, virtual career expos have started trending in 2022. Career expos help the students find the right career path and explore the unexplored courses for a better career trajectory.

A Virtual Health Expo

The Healthcare industry is constantly growing and hence attracts a huge crowd making it one of the top trending virtual expos in 2022. The vendors of various healthcare services gather to provide updates and information about the latest developments in the healthcare industry. For instance, a virtual fitness expo could witness participation from fitness coaches and gym owners. It could also provide the customers with a virtual event experience of the facilities provided at the gym or a 30-minute session with a fitness expert. Similarly, a radiology expo could showcase the various developments in the field. The virtual health expo could be conducted for specific fields or diseases and could cater to specific customer segments depending on the topic of the expo.

Virtual Pharma Expo

Virtual pharma expo targets doctors and pharmacies. The representatives of pharma or medicinal drug-producing companies gather and promote their medicines and explain to the customers the benefits of using their medicines for particular diseases. With the rapid development in the pharma industry and the introduction of new drugs to treat complicated medical conditions, virtual pharma expos have become a hot topic in 2022. Many organizations have hosted large-scale online pharma expos in 2022 attracting huge crowds.

Virtual Real Estate Expo

Real Estate is an ever-growing industry, and people will never stop buying real estate and properties. A virtual real estate expo gathers all the builders and real estate companies to present properties, their location, and facilities. The people planning to buy properties can attend the expo and get to explore the various property options available. The attendees can attend the expo from their laptops or mobile phones. Both investors and individuals can attend the expo. Moreover, they can schedule a one-to-one meeting with the builders to ask their doubts and make an informed decision.

Virtual Recruitment Expo

A virtual recruitment expo is very similar to a virtual career expo. While a recruitment expo is focused on the recruiters meeting with the potential employees and discussing the various job opportunities, a career expo includes the participation of universities and colleges. A virtual recruitment expo primarily focuses on the unemployed population in the employable age and helps them find employment opportunities. Recruitment agencies and the HR team of big MNC’s are the major participants of a virtual recruitment expo. Moreover, work from opportunities helps the organizations hire superior talent from across the globe through online recruitment expos.

Final Words

Virtual expos provide the vendors with an opportunity to connect with audiences around the world and widen their customer base. Now that you are aware of the various types of trending online expos in 2022, you can go ahead and plan your next virtual expo.