Top Treats in the Bahama Buck’s Menu

Bahama Buck’s is a great place to relax in during the summer, when the cruel sun beats down on hapless residents trying to cool off. But Bahama Buck’s offers lots of refreshingly icy treats to keep the heat at bay, cool tempers down, and bring smiles to kids and adults alike. 

One of the best things about Bahama Buck’s is that they charge reasonable prices, and you can get various flavors of shaved ice for $3.77 only. And you sure have lots of flavor options to try out. Just the Signature Snos category comes with 21 different flavor combinations, and this is just one out of 11 different categories. Other categories include Natural Flavors, Sour Flavors, Candy Flavors, Dessert Flavors, and even Beverage Flavors. There’s also the Tropical Flavors category to help you dream of island vacations. 

Those are just the shaved ice options, mind you. You still have to try the Island Smoothies, Bahama Sodas, Frozen Café Favorites, Lemonades, and Acai Bowls. With so many choices available, it’s not surprising if you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. Just what do you try first?

Check out the Bahama Buck’s menu, and you can go the safe route by trying out flavors you know you like. After that, you can then be a bit more adventurous by trying out the other flavor combinations. 

Of course, you can go full Gryffindor and just go with new flavors. Here are some must-try faves that should put a smile on your face: 

WARHEADS® with Sour Patch® Sauce & Sour Sand™

This is for those brave souls who actually like super-sour flavors. This is the ultimate in sourness, though it can ironically cheer you up nicely. The Warheads flavor is already sour, but that’s enhanced by the Sour Patch Sauce and the Sour Sand. 

This is great for those who are tired of the sweet stuff, and want something different instead. At least with this option, you’re not in a hurry to follow up with water. 

Coca-Cola® with Vanilla Ice Cream Bahama Rama Mama (BRM)

It’s no secret that Bahama Buck’s has partnered with Coca-Cola. But even if you’re a Pepsi fan, a Coke Float should float your boat as well. Get either the basic Coke or Cherry Coke flavor of the shaved ice, but have the vanilla ice cream at the bottom. This is one dessert flavor that will really get you going. 

Banana, Blue Coconut & Strawberry with Party Sprinkles & Whipped Cream

That’s a long name, so some people just call this the “Unicorn”. It’s colorful enough to give some jest to your Instagram posts, and make your buddies envious enough to get some of this for themselves. Parents love getting this for kids, who generally break out in huge smiles upon first look at this colorful concoction. And that flavor is great with kids, and even for adults as well. 

Mango & Cherry with Chili Salt & Chamoy

This is the current favorite of the CEO of Bahama Buck’s. And if it’s good enough for the big boss, then it sure is great for lots of people as well. It mixes several fruity flavors into one tasty combination, along with spicy and salty flavors to make it even more interesting. 

Blueberry Muffin with Creme & Cinnamon Sugar

You know how some fast-food joints offer breakfast menu items at all hours of the day (or night)? The same all-day breakfast principle applies here. This is one breakfast flavor you can enjoy at any time. It really tastes like real blueberry muffin with Tropic Crème and Cinnamon Sugar. 

Snickerdoodle Sno

This is arguably the worst-kept secret in the secret menu, because it’s so popular. You start out with the Sugar Cookie Shaved Ice, and then add Crème and Cinnamon Sugar. This is one tasty treat for those who’s hankering for something cold and sweet. 

Mounds Bar Sno

It’s hard to describe just how delicious this is, and you just have to try it to understand. Ask for a Toasted Coconut Sno, and then request that they add Dark Chocolate Sauce on top. It’s basically Bahama Buck’s with Candy. 

Rum-Coke Sno

For this, start with the Jamaican Rum/Coca-Cola, and then request that they squeeze some fresh lime on top. This is one tropical treat that’s really great during the hot months, which in Texas, last more than the official summer. It makes you feel like you’re poolside, and it’s great when you’re actually at a pool. 

Caramel Apple Sno

This makes you feel like it’s fall season, and in Texas that means football season. Get the Apple Shaved Ice, and then add some Caramel Sauce on top. For even greater sourness, go with the Super Sour Apple. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake

Pairing chocolate with strawberry is a classic, which is why this works. Start with a Kokomoko, but don’t get the Chocolate Ice Cream and Mocha Java flavor. Instead, go with the Strawberry Ice Cream and Strawberry flavor.