Top five online language learning platform to learn English

There are hundreds of websites are available to learn English language, and thousands of English language tutors are tutoring on these websites. They range in price from about $5 to $10 per hour or about $200.00 a month, and many of them offer free demo lessons. 

But the question here is, How can you decide which English language learning platform is right for you? If you are looking for the best platform to learn English language, you might get overwhelmed.  It’s being quite tough to choose the best option.

Here are the top five platforms where you can learn English language both for free or paid. I have reviewed each platform with the utmost care:

Babble- Best for Grammar  

If you are looking for a site to immerse yourself in and challenge your English  language-learning skills? Babbel may be the right option to choose. It’s a Germany-based website, and It offers 14 languages. This is a website from Germany, and it offers 14 languages. It is excellent at teaching phrases and words that you can use in your daily English conversation. The service is also relatively cheap, so if you’re keen on learning the English language, you can try it out.

Busuu- best for language 

Busuu is also a language learning platform that allows you to intact with native speakers as well. 

Price: Busuu allows free access to the basic to advance version of the app.  Its premium membership opens up additional features, such as learning units, materials, and certificates. 

The following prices hope will help you to compare, regardless of scale:

  • Essential (Basic; one language): from $75 per Students
  • Professional (Standard; all languages): from $90 per Students
  • Global (Comprehensive): tailored individual offer

Evopry- Best platform for learning a new Language & subject

Evopry is an online language learning platform that connect teachers and students globally for one-to-one learning. This is not only the Platform for learning a language but subject also. It’s cover a wide range of Subjects and languages which you can’t find another website. Its unique features and a clear structure make it a reliable place to learn both new languages ​​and subjects. Evopry Learning packages, study planning and machine learning technology is far superior to a traditional classroom. 

Evopry Offers:

*Innovative and Interactive tutors

*Lower in cost

*personalized learning

*Professional educators

*Organized and scheduled lessons 

*Personalized calendar   

*Transparency and Feedback 

*Easy to access lesson 

Here you can find English language tutors online at very reasonable prices, and with just 60 minutes of daily practice you can become a proficient English speaker, Sound good?

Evopry has recently been launched in the industry and is proliferating, although smaller than its competitors. According to your availability, filtering, global reach, it offers you around 105+ languages ​​and 76+ subjects to learn. The website allows you to filter the language you want to learn and where your teacher is from. It also allows you to send messages to the tutor and discuss your requirements.


If you want to learn through repetition and flashcards, then Memrise may be a good option. Memories aren’t necessarily the service for those who want to know the English language from scratch, but it’s a great learning aid and suitable for those who already have a foundation in learning.


Over the past, few years, Duolingo has risen as a serious competitor in language learning platforms. Duolingo’s service is best known for its Android and iOS apps, which are available for free and paid both. This makes it easy to practice your English language without making a serious commitment, except that one issue is it little time taking. Duolingo can be the good alternative for those who want to practice a language rather than learn from scratch.

Summing up 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got a meaningful lead. Finding an English language tutor is not that tough, but choosing the right one is quite difficult.

Ideally, a personalized tutor and a demo session can help the student choose the best English teacher. Thus, I would recommend Evopry. 

In a nutshell, you must check all the options before making a decision. Find the best one for you! Good luck!