Top 10 Databases for Web Applications to Pick in 2023

Data is essential for businesses to grow and prosper. Businesses collect data from a variety of sources, such as market analysis, internal search queries, customer service queries, encrypted end-user credentials, and messages. All data that enterprises collect is stored in one or more databases for further operations, whether for presentation to end users or for analysis.

If there are multiple databases for web applications, it is difficult for businesses to load data accurately without failure. To reduce this complexity, businesses use database management systems to manage their databases. From quick decision-making to better customer relationship management, database management systems actively contribute to business growth in various ways.

If you research databases and database systems, you will find a lot. And deciding on a few of them or just 10 requires more research. So we have compiled a list of the 10 best databases for web applications to choose from in 2023.

10 Best Databases for Web Applications

It’s time to discover the top 10 databases for web applications and DB systems from leading manufacturers. Let’s check them out.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database provides its customers with a cost-optimized and high-performance database system. The database is highly efficient in memory management, has support for NoSQL and MYSQL, and has the advantage of stability from a recognized brand.

Oracle DB statistics

  • Oracle receives a top ranking of 1260 as the world’s most popular database management system in 2022.
  • 2.8% of software developers trusted Oracle’s database management system in 2021.

Key features of Oracle DB

  • High availability makes Oracle Database never down or unavailable whenever users request.
  • Managing large databases and space is simple in Oracle and provides full control.
  • An Oracle databases for web applications minimizes potential contention between data by ensuring data concurrency.
  • Portability is a key feature where users can run it under multiple operating systems.

Brands using an Oracle database

  • eBay
  • LinkedIn
  • HAVE


The world’s most popular open-source database, MYSQL, has gained a large market. It is widely used in large enterprises with its cost-effective, high-delivery working model. MySQL can scale any application that requires reliable database management software to manage data.

MySQL statistics

  • In 2022, MySQL reached 1202 points in the ranking of the most popular database management systems in the world.
  • 9.76% of software developers believed that MYSQL was the most in-demand database skill in 2021.
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MySQL Features

  • MYSQL is easy to use and best for beginners learning database systems.
  • It is one of the most secure database software available in the market.
  • The client-server architecture is one of the key features of MYSQL.
  • It is free to use, making it the preferred choice for beginners in massive organizations.
  • MYSQL experienced the least memory leak issues, making it very efficient.

Tags using a MySQL database

  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Udemy


SQL lite, a C library implementing a full-fledged SQL database engine, is widely used for everyday database management system needs. SQL is the most widely used database engine worldwide, enabling database systems for mobile phones and computers.

SQLite statistics

  • SQLite has a score of 138.87 and ranks as the most popular database system worldwide in 2022.
  • 9.76% of software developers considered SQLite an important skill in 2021.

Key features of SQLite

  • Using SQLite requires no setup or administration, making it a zero-configuration database management tool.
  • A single cross-platform disk file for use as an application file format.
  • SQLite also supports terabyte-sized databases.
  • It has an easy-to-use API for all developers.
  • It is a cross-platform tool for Android, iOS, Linux, mac, and more.

Tags using SQLite

  • Lorven Technologies
  • Zendesk spol.


It has become a major draw for open-source relational database brands. Key reasons behind MariaDB’s popularity are its strong cloud offerings and open source guarantee.

MariaDB statistics

  • MariaDB has a rating of 113.89 as the most popular database management tool in 2022.
  • 2.93% of software developers believe that MariaDB was a core database skill in 2021.
  • MariaDB properties
  • Security is one of MariaDB’s key features because of the top-notch encryption it provides to data.
  • MariaDB offers full integration with the Galera cluster where you can run multiple databases for better performance.
  • Rapid updates and stable improvements deploy speed and stability for MariaDB users.
  • Learning the database system tool is easy thanks to the abundant availability of official documentation.

Brands using the MariaDB database

  • DBS Bank
  • red cap
  • Verizon

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL server is built by Microsoft with a focus on relational database management. The primary function of a database is to allow users to store and retrieve data with minimal effort. It supports Windows and Linux systems providing structured, semi-structured, and spatial data.

Microsoft SQL statistics

  • MS SQL Server was ranked 944th in August 2022, becoming the third-best database management system.
  • Approximately 208 thousand companies use Microsoft SQL Server, which shows its popularity (Source).

Key features of Microsoft SQL

  • Query repository with new system views and troubleshooting
  • It can change Live query statistics
  • Temporary database support for data recovery
  • Extensive JSON support for modern web and mobile applications
  • Encryption is a major focus of Microsoft.

Tags using Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft
  • Stack Overflow
  • Accenture


A powerful and open-source object-relational database system that meets the requirements of industries and individuals. Due to its open-source nature and widespread use of AQL, PostgreSQL offers several functions to complete most data operations. Its proven architecture has made it strong in the industry for over 30 years.

PostgreSQL statistics

  • PostgreSQL wins a rank of 618 in the list of most popular database management systems as of August 2022.
  • In 2021, 18% of survey respondents identified PostgreSQL as an important skill set.

Key features of PostgreSQL

  • Numerous data types such as primitive, structured, document, geometry, and customization
  • Primary keys, foreign keys, and exclusion constraints for data integrity.
  • Concurrency and performance are the main features of PostgreSQL.
  • Disaster recovery is easy with a dedicated focus on it.
  • Support for international character sets is available.

Tags using PostgreSQL

  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • Apple
  • Skype


The free-to-use management system includes a relational SQL database. FirebirdSQL is popular on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. From excellent concurrency to high performance and powerful language support, FirebirdSQL can be perfect for meeting your database management needs.

FirebirdSQL statistics

  • 1 million software developers worldwide use database software ( source ).
  • It is one of the best and few open-source database software that you can choose from.

Key features of FirebirdSQL

  • The multi-generational architecture enables the development and support of hybrid OLTP and OLAP applications, making it a key feature of FirebirdSQL.
  • It is a powerful, developer-friendly SQL language tool with active table concepts and user-defined functions.
  • Logging and monitoring are easy with real-time monitoring and SQL debugging.
  • Standard security provides users and roles and implements the database owner concept.

Tags using FirebirdSQL

  • The Examiner Newspaper
  • US Navy
  • British Railways


Thanks to its high availability and scalability capabilities, Apache Cassandra is trusted by thousands of companies. The open-source databases for web applications are owned by Apache, where the company prominently lends its highly useful linear scalability and proven fault tolerance to cloud infrastructure. Cassandra will be your best choice if you are looking for Apache database software.

Cassandra’s stats

  • Apache Cassandra scored 118.15 in 2022 as the most popular database management software in the world.
  • 5.03% of developers in 2021 believed that software developers must have Cassandra database skills.

Key features of Cassandra

  • Cassandra is the lowest latency hybrid for a complete data center experience, whether it’s private or public clouds.
  • Thanks to the Fault Tolerant feature, any damaged nodes can be replaced with minimal or no downtime.
  • Cassandra’s main features are reliability and stability, as it is already tested on 1000s of nodes and various use cases.
  • Cassandra claims it can outperform other NoSQL alternatives.

Brands using Cassandra

  • Instacart
  • Spotify
  • Uber


Sybase Database offers a data server and reverses server functions to its users. It can have multiple databases in one or a single data engine. However, the Sybase database maps the oracle schema but with better opportunities.

SYBASE statistics

  • 26,722 companies use Sybase, with most based in the US (source)
  • On average, a Sybase developer in New York earns $90,000, which is a good salary statistic (Source)

Key features of SYBASE

  • Improved transaction processing performance allows users to access data faster.
  • Improves bottlenecks when reading and writing data to web pages.
  • Encryption is a key feature of Sybase.
  • SQL scripts are highly supported to frame more common database management software.

Brands using SYBASE

  • California State University
  • Red Hat Inc
  • The Blackfriars Group


IBM Db2 is one of the leading database management systems built for database professionals. It enables businesses to achieve low transaction latency and monitor real-time workload analysis. It is extremely affordable and integrates intelligent automation.

IBM-DB2 statistics

  • IBM Db2 achieves a score of 157 and ranks as the world’s most popular database management software in 2022.
  • 0.57% of software developers propose IBM DB2 as of 2021.

Key features of IBM-DB2

  • A key feature of IBM DB2 is continuous availability with zero tolerance for failure.
  • Security remains at the core and protects important user data.
  • Scaling is easy with IMB DB2 whenever workloads increase and users need performance changes to sustain these increased workloads.
  • Automation is another key feature as this is one of the smartest databases available.

Brands using IBM-DB2

  • Swiss Re
  • Nike

Wrapping Up and what is the best database management tool?

The above database list provides enough alternatives for database management tools in 2023. After reading the entire list, you must be willing to know which database management tool is the best. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best database management tools.

Instead, the requirements and services offered by the database management software determine what best suits your needs. Still, the oracle databases for web applications have reached the top position in the world’s most popular database in 2022 and are constantly used by mobile app development companies in New Jersey or top database professionals for their database needs.