Tips and Benefits of Art Jamming in Singapore

Art Jamming is a new concept that has been catching on in Singapore. This idea of art jamming Singapore is to create art out of different materials by found objects- ranging from bits and pieces to things you can find at home! It is an activity where people come together and make something out of nothing, using all sorts of resources.

People often wonder how they can get involved in this type of project; here are some tips: Firstly, it’s important to know what kind of “jammer” you want to be, do you want to just watch, or do you want your hands dirty? Secondly, the group will need somebody who knows how to lead them through the process. Thirdly, if there’s a theme, you will need to find things that suit the theme. Lastly, remember- it is all about having fun.

The benefits of participating in art jamming

There are many benefits. The participants can be of any age and it is usually run by the local community. It is a great way for people who are no longer working or have retired to have time for themselves. And are also able to socialize with other participants, which they might not otherwise do.

It’s also a great way for people with disabilities to work together in an inclusive environment and make art without the limitations imposed by physical limitations. e.g. Of the need to hold a paintbrush or pencil, climbing upstairs to get to specific tools are not necessary.

I particularly like the sense of community spirit that art jamming Singapore brings about. It’s great for reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people, and also sharing skills e.g. If you happen to be good in carpentry, you can help create the art jamming area. This sense of community is something that takes us back to the spirit of living in a kampong (village) in Singapore! It feels like everyone has an equal role and contribution even if they are not physically creating the art themselves.

Not only that, but it is also an activity that every child should participate in. It gives them a sense of space and freedom to create their own world, where they can be whomever or whatever they want to be! This is not only great for children with special needs but also for normal kids who face pressures from school and home life.

Tips for beginners on what materials to use and where to find them

A lot of the things you’ll need for this project can be found at home or in your neighborhood! You can also try searching the internet for more unique ideas, which is how I’ve come up with some pretty creative pieces. Here are some basics that you can’t go wrong with:

1- Scrap paper

Newspapers work best but do not limit yourself to just one type of paper. Try using cardstock or copy paper instead, they all have their own unique texture when they’re glued together.

2- Glue

I recommend a hot glue gun because it dries fast and creates a stronger bond between each piece. Make sure that the glue is able to dry clear, as not all glues are really that clear. Hot glue sticks work best because you can fit a lot of them in the hot glue gun at once and they will go a long way.

3- Paper clips

Personally, I think these are great for holding down layers of paper or other things that may be too heavy and might fall if you hold them down by hand. You can also buy a bookbinding kit and use punches to cut out shapes from paper or cardstock so that it’s easier for your design.

Bottom line

Art jamming is the perfect hobby for creatives who are looking to express their creativity without any boundaries. It’s also a great way to use up your old materials and turn them into something new. With all of the benefits art jamming Singapore offers, it should be on everyone’s list of hobbies they want to try this year. The best part about participating in art jams is that you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge. Just show up with an open mind and see how creative you can really get.