Things to know before moving to Dubai from all around the world

Dubai has gone through a complete transformation that is unbelievable. From a sleepy fishing village to become the world’s most luxurious city, Dubai has gone far in development. If you can put up with the

the heat of 40 degrees( which is for short periods mostly it is 20-30 degrees) here are some facts to know before moving to this world’s most famous city of the world.

Different week days

The working week is quite different from the weekend we have. The weekend starts on Friday and ends at Saturday. This thing may keep you confused for a while but you will soon adapt yourself accordingly. The

reason is in Islam Friday is the holy day. Muslims don’t work this day and offer special prayers on this day.

The cost of living is very expensive

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. The cost of living is very high here. You should have a good amount of money if you want to visit this city. The amount of rent has skyrocketed in past few years. That is the reason why more and more people want properties for sale in Dubai as they want to rent them at huge prices. Average house prices are around $670,000. Houses price dipped in the year 2020 by 7%. This is ideal for buyers who are looking for properties for sale in Dubai. Houses in the communities such as Sobha Forest Villas are luxurious yet cheap to buy. So it’s a treat in todays world.

There is a huge amount of taxes on grocery items. This may break your leg if you have not planned accordingly.

Women only areas

Dubai is hailed as the safest city for women. Women from all around the world come here and work. There are women-only nights as well as some areas are women-only. These areas are not designated as women-only areas but just a facility for women who want their own space.

Robots in camel race?

Yes, the camel race is very popular among locals of Dubai. Previously, children were used in camel racing. But it lead to very dark circumstances as people from different areas abducted children and then after human

trafficking, they were sent to camel races. Human rights organisations also didn’t like the idea. Now Dubai has replaced children with child-sized robots.

You need a licence to drink alcohol

If you want to consume alcohol, you need to get a licence. Even if you drink at your home or at a friend’s house, this is a necessary rule to have a licence. Even if you get a license you can’t drink in public. If you do this, this can lead to a serious situation. You may be heavily fined or jailed for some time. Of course, you don’t want it to happen.

So this city will never stop surprising us. Grab the passport and visit the city ASAP.