Things to do in Liwa Desert

Dune bashing
There’s more to snow-clad mountains than skiing. You can also do dune bashing. You might want to include it when you plan your tour package.

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Length of desert
So far, we’ve told you about how LIWA is an oasis. That means it’s surrounded by the desert on all sides. Because the desert extends as far as Saudi Arabia, it has a lot to offer for travelers who want to explore the area.

Adventure factors
The desert may seem mundane at first glance, but look a little deeper and you’ll see the interesting options it has to offer. Leave the sightseeing for later: For now, get aboard one of the many adventure activities. From quad bike riding in the sand dunes to picking up souvenirs from a local market; there are plenty of options you can indulge in everyday. It’s not part of a regular package, but users can ask for these activities when booking their trip. This is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Sand boarding
Another adventure activity in the desert is sand boarding. What’s sand boarding? It’s a different way to travel around the desert, and that’s absolutely safe, too. With a little supervision from the experts, sand boarding is a fun activity for adventurers. It’s time to join the nimble bandwagon — what are you waiting for?

There are many resorts in and around LIWA. They range from five star to budget accommodations, so it’s easy to find what you need. There are huge amounts of information available online and exploring these options doesn’t take a lot of time. The resorts are full of facilities like well furnished rooms with dining options, pools, TV and other things that keep guests entertained and happy. This means they enjoy a good vacation at the resort and leave feeling rejuvenated. Qasr Al Sarab is one of the recent five-star resorts in the area.

Car museum
Dubai is known for its great cars, and the car museum. It’s also located on the way to Dubai from many other countries, so if you want to make a stop on your way, it’s worth taking a peek. In the museum, you’ll find cars of all types, from vintage and modern — all under one roof. The museum is free for car lovers, so take the chance to watch the evolution of the cars in history.

Tal Moreeb
A close site, included in the LIWA oasis, is Tal Moreeb — a hilltop site for organized drag racing. At 300 meters height, this easily one of the highest sand hills in the world. The Arabic name translates to mean “the scary mountain”, so be careful if you visit. It’s located 22 km from the center of the desert.

Sunset photo
Memories are a big part of who we are and what we do. But the invention of technology has changed things. Once you travel and have beautiful memories, you have photographs to capture the memory, so you never forget it. This is true for trips to Dubai, too. If you wander the desert and want to capture a beautiful sunset that you won’t forget, we recommend picking up your camera and taking a photo of it. Seeing the sun disappearing against the resilience of a blue sky is a unique experience that is left deep in the mind. So, don’t forget to pick up your camera while you’re in Dubai, and make sure you always have these moments with you.

We all live in houses these days, but in the past, people didn’t. In the desert, caravans never had stable homes — instead, they always moved when it was time to find water, food, and other necessities. However, things are different today. Technology has made our lives so much easier. Along with LIWA’s desert tour, you can choose to stay in a tent and get a glimpse of the desert lifestyle. These tents are equipped with all the basic necessities for a comfortable stay. You can also choose from many different types of tents — whether you want an economy accommodation or a luxurious stay. Talk to an LIWA representative to learn more about what accommodations you might prefer during your stay in the desert tents.

Quad bikes at LIWA
Adventure lovers, you want more than just a plain sightseeing tour when you visit LIWA, don’t you? The Sahara is a land of opportunities, offering so much more than just the beauty of the desert. Yes! If you’re an adrenaline seeker, we recommend trying out the quads in LIWA. For those who are unfamiliar with quad bikes before — don’t worry, I’ll explain. A quad bike is designed for rugged terrain and these bikes are perfect for navigating through sand. It’s important to note that these bikes are not available in LIWA but when they make up a tour package, they are transported exclusively to the desert.

Highest Dunes at UAE
There are many pretty dunes in the LIWA desert. Some of them hold the record for being the tallest in the entire country. Visiting the LIWA desert gives you chance to really see what a desert landscape is like, and it’s a whole new aspect of this climate to experience.

Qars Al Sarab
Located in the heart of the desert, this area reminds you of what once was the greatness of the desert’s civilization. It’s an example of what life in the desert must have looked like. This is a great place to take a trip down memory lane and really appreciate how life has changed over time. One of the most important tourist attractions in this area is Qars Al Sarab and with the help of LIWA tours, navigating through the desert is easy and simple.

Attractions nearby
There are plenty of good places to visit near Riyadh – you could take the ride to Fort or other nearby areas. You could also visit the nearby dunes, and watch the city light up at night. If you want to see wildlife, there’s a beautiful sanctuary in the area. Previously a personal collection of the Sheikh, this sanctuary is now open to the public and houses some of the rarest animals in the region.

Events at LIWA desert
Life at the desert is quite different from living in a city. One visit to the LIWA desert proves that point. If you opt for the overnight stay, you can be part of the exquisite desert safari and other events. There are other events that are scheduled at LIWA for more information on these events, please contact our executives. You can also look for events at nearby hotels and resorts.

Plan your trip today
Now that the details are out of the way, it’s time to book your vacation. The LIWA Oasis desert is a great destination with lots of beautiful options to choose from. The booking process is quick and easy, with all your options listed online. You can make a decision that suits your needs and budget, including the time you have for your trip. Captain Dunes executives will help you plan a memorable trip, tailored to suit your needs!