There are many ways to make children fall in love with reading

There is only one way to increase awareness and IQ in children. They can get a higher IQ level just by reading. Children should not only read books for homework and homework. Instead, they should love and enjoy reading. Most parents receive a blackboard book in the hope that the neighborhood will read it. This is not always the case. This exercise only helped their neighborhood improve their reading scores. It is not the general school performance. Only a handful of people had acquired the skills needed to raise their IQ. Visit our site for more about Reading tricks.

early implantation

The habit of reading has never been born in childhood because it is so easily broken. Your kids will love turning around as a kid and looking at the pictures in a book. Elementary school students can enjoy reading. Life has other ways a lot for children have fun with yourself So for them reading is more work than play. They never reach the level of ecstasy that reading is more fun than anything else. Therefore, we must work hard to instill this habit from an early age on our children.

Read to your child at an early age: Every child should hear a bedtime story. Just read a story from a children’s book and also take the time to tell the story effectively. You can withhold information at any time and tell them to read for more information. Buy a storybook as your baby’s first toy. When you’ve slept in Take a book from the diaper bag and read a story to your child.

Visit the library regularly: Some children are fascinated when they see others reading. You can therefore try to visit the library near your child regularly. You can read it and tell about your time in the library. Children never sit still in the library. But he will sit and listen if he likes it. Store library books on separate shelves in the living room or kitchen. to not lose the book This arrangement will help you to find something new. Always make it easy for your child to read.

Read to children as often as possible: When reading stories to children. You always try to simplify the situation there. One time you can try it is to sit down for a meal. Children need to understand that listening to reading is the same as listening to the radio. While listening, they can look at and taste food. Sometimes you can show them pictures from storybooks. It will listen to them and force them to stay in one place.

Do not force your child to learn to read: Do not force your child to learn to read. Interested in learning more? Will try to learn to read after getting first skills. Your goal is not to help them pronounce words. But they were expected to instill a love for books.

Never stop reading to children when they are learning to read: Read aloud even after they learn to read. This keeps them interested in reading.

Encourage children to ask questions: If you read your child a story, you can expect them to ask questions. This gives you the opportunity to have a friendly conversation with them about the values ​​they have learned and the choices they face in life.