The Ultimate Purpose of Sig Fire Control Unit

A Sig Custom Works Fire Control Unit is an accessory that allows you to build a custom P320 without purchasing a complete unit. It is a good choice for anyone who wants to build a P320 but does not want to spend much money. It is easy to install, and the unit is modular, which means it can be customized for a specific project.


The sig fire control unit allows the owner to customize certain aspects of the pistol. The FCU is part of the legal definition of a firearm and carries the serial number. Other parts of a pistol are the grip module, slide, and barrel. You can purchase these parts online if you wish to customize the look of your pistol.

The Fire Control Unit allows Sig Sauer to offer a new level of customization to the P320 pistol. This allows the owner to choose what features they want in their pistol, allowing them to create the perfect weapon. The P320 is available in two models: a sub-compact concealed carry pistol and a competition X-5.

The P320 can be modified by adding aftermarket adapter plates. This allows the owner to install an optic onto the slide. The P320 FCU parts are similar between the standard and Legion models. A sight pusher is available for the Legion model, but it may not work in all P320s. The sights are installed from left to right. A taper on the sight’s base helps it stay in place. The P320 FCU used to fall out when it was removed from the grip module, but later models staked the trigger stop pin to prevent it from slipping out. This does not affect the gun’s functionality when assembled, though.


These units have many of the same features as the P320 pistol but add the option to customize them to your specific needs. In addition, they feature features such as a gold titanium nitride finish and Legion series triggers.

The Sig P320 Custom Works Fire Control Unit is designed for custom builds. It includes a Titanium Nitride finish on the trigger and flat-faced grips. It also comes with a unique serial number and is compatible with all P320 post-upgrade accessories. The modularity of the P320 is another reason why many users love it.

Sig has been toying with the idea of creating an intermediate cartridge rifle based on the P320, but so far, it hasn’t been developed. But it is making progress. Aftermarket sales of P320 parts are increasing, and manufacturers are now producing complete slide assemblies and grip frames. So despite being a relatively new firearm, the SIG P320 will likely stay around for a while.


The Sig Custom Works P320 Fire Control Unit is available from select SIG dealers and will cost a flat $40. SIG has recognized that aftermarket support is vital for its guns. This is why it shares its technical drawings with carefully selected companies, called the P320 Collective. Currently, the P320 Collective comprises 14 companies, and SIG expects to add more. Each member of the collective is carefully vetted before their products are sold.


The SIG P320 Fire Control Unit is a serialized assembly that is the heart of the P320 pistol. The new, improved P320 Fire Control Unit features a gold-finished, flat-face trigger and other enhancements. It can also be modified to use different-sized cartridges.

The Fire Control Unit is a core component of the pistol and can be easily customized using factory OEM or aftermarket parts. It can be replaced using simple hand tools and is a component that makes it possible to custom-build a pistol. Additionally, SIG offers the Sig Sauer P320 Design Studio, which allows you to visualize the components of a custom pistol.

The Sig P320 has multiple configurations and is a popular pistol. Since it is modular, its grip module can be swapped out. But if the user wants to switch between configurations, it can’t be serialized.