The Most Common Roof Issues

One of the most common roof problems is a leak. Leaks are caused by moisture seeping under shingles, which can cause wood rot or mold growth. Roof leaks are most common around protrusions and tend to get worse over time, especially during periods of heavy rain. Therefore, it is critical to have it checked by a roof leak repair professional.

Improperly Installed Flashing

The integrity of your roof is dependent on properly installed flashing. Inadequate flashing allows excess moisture to seep through the roof and cause leaks, as well as rot and mold, so have it installed properly by a Denver roofer. It is especially important to ensure that your flashing is properly secured to avoid problems later on.

Improperly Installed Shingles

Improperly installed shingles are the cause of many of the problems that can occur on a roof. For example, missing or improperly installed shingles can cause water damage to your home and expose the structure below to the elements. In addition, proper ventilation is essential for the longevity of any roof, and improper installation of shingles can make your roof more vulnerable to problems. You can buy 10 inch duct fan here at  TerraBloom.

Pooling Of Water

Pooling of water on roofs can damage your building in several ways. For one, water can corrode and weaken roofing membranes, resulting in leaks. In addition, pooling water can cause a roof to sag. This can also lead to more expensive roof repairs. Fortunately, there are a few ways to deal with this problem.

Tree Branches

Tree branches on your roof are a major safety hazard. They can fall on your home, damaging it and potentially bringing pests and diseases into your home. You should inspect your roof and surrounding trees annually and remove any branches threatening your safety. You should also remove dead trees that are located near your home. These trees can fall on your home and cause damage if they hit it, falling small twigs, large branches, or the trunk.

Improperly Installed Skylights

Improperly installed skylights can cause some roof problems, including leaks. They also contribute to mold growth. This is especially common in homes made from wood and can cause health problems and damage the home. Mold-filled homes can also be unsightly.

Damage Caused By Ice Dams

Ice dams are formed when snow and ice build-up on a roof. These accumulations of ice are extremely heavy and can pose a serious hazard to homes. The good news is that they can be prevented with proper insulation.


A leaky roof can cause numerous issues for your home. This is true if you have a chimney on your roof. Chimneys are vertical structures that produce an upward draft and are responsible for removing warm air, smoke, and gasses. Although most people associate a chimney with fireplaces, these structures are also used to vent fuel-burning appliances. As a result, there are several causes for leaks in chimneys. To find the source of leaks, you must understand how chimneys work.


There are several options for removing moss from your roof. First, you can treat the moss using a cleaning solution. Another option is to remove the moss by scraping it off the roof. Don’t use power washing to remove moss from your roof, as this will cause more damage.