The Most Common Mistakes When Packing Your Bags

No matter how far or how long you’ll be away, if you’re going by plane, whether to save time or money, carrying a cabin bag is always a great alternative. For “options” lovers, the idea of packing all the essentials in a standard 9x14x22 briefcase can be highly daunting, but I guarantee that with a little knowledge, putting together the perfect carry-on for any trip won’t it’s such a difficult task.

For a functional bag, the secret is to give preference to basic pieces that are easy to combine with each other and that don’t mark the look, that is, that nobody notices that it has been used before. Fashion dresses and overalls are great allies, as they are 2 pieces in 1, they are practical and take up little space in the suitcase. If you focus on pieces that you can use both during the day and at night, and that easily combine with other pieces and occasions, your chance of error is practically zero!

If you’re still not convinced that making a functional suitcase is not that simple, you can always send an email here to the contacts and I’ll be happy to help – we have to sell the fish, right? But if in the meantime, you felt motivated to DIY, then check that you are not making these which are the main mistakes most travelers make:

Get straight to the point!

It may even sound like a good idea for pieces made with fabrics that do not wrinkle (because if you roll up the conventional fabrics, your clothes will get even more wrinkled), but in practice, instead of gaining space, space is lost. It’s much more efficient to fold and stack, leaving larger pieces underneath and smaller ones like lingerie and bikinis in the bag on the left side of the bag.

Don’t go over the limit

The biggest advantage of traveling with this type of bag is its convenience, so overloading your bag is a big waste, even more so now with the new baggage limit rules. When in doubt of what to bring, choose neutral colors or a color family, that way you’ll have endless options for conjugation. As for shoes that can take up more space, prefer versatile options that can be worn throughout the trip, day and night, such as flat or offset sandals.

You know that belt in the suitcase? So, this accessory that almost everyone ignores when putting away, helps not only to make the most of the space, but also keeps everything compact and wrinkle-free. Sitting on top of the suitcase will help close it, but it won’t free you from the extra weight or the damage to both your clothes and the suitcase.

All together and mixed up

In addition to being rude to have the shoes you walk around all day touching the clothes you will be wearing on your trip, it is extremely unhygienic. Keep everything separate in individual packages and place shoes between clothes on the right side and toiletries and other non-clothing items in the smaller area on the left side.

Get rid of the extras

Don’t try to add an extra layer of clothing to save space in your suitcase. Use what’s comfortable and keep the rest. Taking a coat or jacket on an airplane is always a good thing, as you never know what to expect from the cabin temperature, but if you already know you won’t be wearing it during your trip, then go for a blanket or a long scarf and leave it on. In the purse. So you’ll have it easy at hand whenever you need it.