The Men’s Fall Fashion Guide

The Men’s Fall Fashion Guide: Best Leather Styles:

One of the first items to be included on any man’s must-have list is, without a doubt, the Chelsea boots. These heavy duty shoes are some of the finest footwear ever developed and you’ll know why after reading this article. As always though, it is important to point out that not all men’s boots are created equally; there are different types for various occasions so keep an open mind as we go through each one briefly below.


First things first, you should probably know what exactly you are getting yourself into. The term ‘Chelsea’ is actually a bit vague; generally it means boots which feature square toes and elasticized sides. However, some manufacturers like to call their own models of this type Chelsea boots maker simply because they sport the small amount of elastic on the side (strictly speaking though, that shouldn’t really qualify them as Chelsea boots). Knowing this, there are quite a few variations on the original theme but our focus is on leather Chelsea Boots. We’ll keep it simple by establishing two main types: calf suede Chelsea boots and smooth leather Chelsea boots.

Fashionable Men’s Leather Boots:

The first type is made of suede, comes in various shades of brown and tan, and looks luxurious. They are often shined up to give them a more formal appearance but they can also be left natural for the sake of casual footwear. The smooth leather variant may lack the colorful appeal that suede brings but it does have an edge over its counterpart when it comes to durability. Of course, this means you should treat it with care so as to retain its pristine look for longer periods of time. Fortunately, if you manage to cause too much damage, there are plenty of places where you can get your Chelsea boots repaired or even buy new ones entirely should your shoes be beyond redemption. Their appeal lies not only in their looks though; these boots are also famed for their comfort and ankle support.

What You Need To Know?

Taking a closer look at exactly what makes up a pair of Chelsea boots. We will provide us with more insight into their popularity among men everywhere. From laborers to movie stars and everyone in between! Starting with the sole unit itself, it is generally made from rubber. So that you can have a strong grip on wet or slippery surfaces. Although there are some Chelsea boots without soles. It really is worth it to spend the extra few dollars on rubber. Ones in order to protect your feet against external elements. The sole unit also needs to be stitched permanently onto the base of the upper shoe. So that when you go about walking or stomping around in them, they don’t simply come apart with every step!

As an alternative for people who want something more casual than formal shoes but equally versatile in terms of style, Chelseabootsmaker are hard to beat. They work well with any outfit no matter if you’re going out into town with friends or spending time at home catching up on your Netflix queue at night.