The Essential Spring-Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of year again, when we want to open the windows, let some fresh air in, and get rid of some of the cobwebs of winter. But in doing this we often highlight all of the clutter, the dust bunnies, and the neglect that our homes have suffered since last spring. It’s easy to become cluttered, dusty, and tired while we’re busy trying to keep warm and cozy, but these things are more obvious in spring when things are fresh and bright.

Your spring-cleaning checklist will depend on your home and its specific needs, but this list features a few of the things that absolutely all of us should do at least once a year.

Deep Clean Carpets

Most of us vacuum our carpets at least once a week, at least in the obvious areas that get lots of footfall. But even if your carpet looks clean, and you are picking up most of the debris, dirt, bacteria, and germs are being trodden into it every day. A professional San Diego carpet cleaner can help to make sure your carpets are clean and hygienic. Even if your carpets look great already, you’ll probably notice that after a professional carpet cleaner visits, they feel a lot softer and smell a lot fresher.

Clean Curtains and Blinds

Your curtains and blinds probably don’t get cleaned very often, and you might not think that they can get that dirty. But like everything else, they’ll take on dirt, dust, and bacteria. If you can, pop your curtains in your home washing machine. If not, have them dry cleaned. Many blinds can just be wiped down or cleaned with a home steam cleaner.

Wash Covers

If your sofa cushions and any other upholstery can be removed and washed, you should do this at least once a year. If they aren’t removable, make sure you vacuum them, take care to get into gaps and wipe any areas you can.

Dry Clean Duvets

Your summer duvet might fit in your home washing machine, but a thicker winter duvet might need professional dry cleaning. When you switch to your summer covers, be sure to have your winter duvet cleaned before packing it away.

Wipe Light Fixtures

Light shades and fixtures can become very dusty. Take them down and clean them if you can, if not, be sure to dust them and wipe them down with an antibacterial spray.

Deep Clean the Fridge and Freezer

You might wipe your fridge shelves if ever they are empty but how often do you empty the fridge for a deep clean? How often do you empty and defrost the freezer? Empty it all, defrost and clean shelves and drawers, and wipe the seals with an antibacterial cleaner.

Clean Behind Furniture

Pull out all of your furniture so that you can dust, vacuum, and wipe behind and underneath before you do anything else so that you don’t add dust to an already clean room.

Wipe the Inside of Cupboards

Work one at a time, emptying cupboards, wiping shelves, and organizing and decluttering before you put anything back. You should do this in the kitchen, but also with clothes drawers and shelves, and other storage areas.

A good spring clean can make your home feel fresher and healthier. You’ll also improve the air quality and the aroma. It can make a huge difference and it’s certainly worth investing some of your time.