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The difference between good SEO and great SEO

Good SEO will bring you the results you expected. But you should think carefully and plan for the long run. You should not forget that your business is at the mercy of Google’s algorithm. Future algorithmic changes could give a big blow to your business. But if you go beyond SEO and consider the purpose of Google updates, your business would succeed. So, it is necessary to know the difference between good SEO and great SEO.

Priority for Customer Experience 

Good SEO is about trying to rank the website higher through established practices. User experience is one aspect of SEO, among many others. But great SEO gives a central place to customer experience, and other SEO aspects are secondary. Marketers who do great SEO understand that the SERP is all about the customers and put the customer first. So, make sure to invest in a professional SEO agency that puts customers first.

Good SEO might get you a spot on the SERP, but it gives no benefit if customers don’t find your content useful and relevant. If they don’t find content that meets their needs, they will consider moving to another brand. On the other hand, if you focus on creating content that customers urgently need, they will stick with you. Even after many years, you will receive more traffic to your site. Although you would miss Google’s radar initially, eventually your site will hit the rankings. Your readers will benefit a lot from your content and they will share it with their friends. Your rankings won’t drop easily, and that’s what great SEO is all about. So, to rank higher you need a Los Angeles SEO agency that prioritizes meaningful content.

Another difference is that good SEO alternates between humans and machines. You collect data about your target audience and then do keyword research. Likewise, after writing content for people, you optimize the content for keywords for the crawlers. You see content as just another form of marketing where you can insert keywords to draw the attention of people. But an SEO services company doing great SEO has the end-user in mind. The user experience is the top priority, even to the point of ignoring the bots in certain circumstances.

Google Algorithm vs Google’s Intention 

Google changes its algorithm frequently to improve user experience. Whenever there is a major rollout, an SEO services company rushes to optimize websites for the latest algorithmic changes. This approach can increase your organic traffic at least for some time, and we can consider it good SEO.

Great SEO is not concerned with algorithmic changes at all. Marketers in this camp don’t panic at all when there is an algorithm update. They try to understand the goal of the algorithmic update and align their strategy with that information. In other words, they put the effort into understanding Google’s intentions and motivations for a new update. They also would study how people’s search patterns have changed over time and what it means for the future. So, great SEO is about understanding the forces driving Google’s algorithm updates.

The difference in how teams work 

There are many teams in a company, and they all see their contribution as having the greatest impact on the company. For instance, the marketing team and the SEO team will argue over who generates more leads for the company. Both teams want more budget allocation, as they believe that they contribute more to the company’s growth. The SEO team might excel in their department, but they might not see how other teams are valuable to the company. There is a lack of unity and they might not achieve their common goal.

However, we can call it great SEO when experts work towards the common goal and know their limitations. They know their team’s strengths and weaknesses and work for the company’s welfare. Marketers in this camp let other teams play to their strengths. They realize that they need inputs from other teams when they develop their strategies. The focus is always on the business, not on winning a good name for the team.

Part vs the Whole 

Great SEO is all about the whole, and it focuses on the health of the whole organism. Many marketers focus too much on the technical stuff and don’t see the big picture. They forget that it’s all about the overall performance of the site. Good SEO fixes the content and technical issues to make the website more accessible to people. 

Great SEO understands that every element in the site is interconnected. In this problem, any problem in one area is due to an underlying cause. Marketers in this camp don’t react impulsively to fix what appears to be a problem at the surface level. But they analyze the problem from top to bottom and work to find out what strategies led them to that situation. Great SEO also sees how SEO fits into the brand’s overall strategy. It is futuristic and ensures that their SEO work will benefit them for several years.


Google and other tech giants have become strong advocates of democracy. They help people to raise their voices on important social issues. Likewise, they will implement algorithmic changes that are more people-friendly. So, keep the people in the center in your SEO campaigns and resist the urge to beat the machines.

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.