Student Spotlight: Ewort Atkinson Stays Ahead of the Curve by Mastering Digital Marketing

degree and teacher, that education does not always remain the latest, and we must continue to study throughout our career. A doctor must study new medical theories and procedures. IT specialists must master new software. Even marketing managers must learn new skills to remain relevant.

That’s the case with Ewort Atkinson. Ewort has obtained an MBA from Leicester University, with a focus on marketing and general management, but it returned in 2010 and the knowledge he had then was not enough. “Almost everything I learned in 2010 is now obsolete,” he said. “Many things have changed. I don’t want to be left behind. And that’s why I have to do something in digital marketing training.”

Ewort get a digital marketing specialist certification with Sprintzeal, providing his career a big boost.

Know when it’s time for upskill

After realizing that he was not in a position to do digital marketing correctly, ewort went looking for a way to get skills that didn’t even exist when he got his graduation. Marketing has changed dramatically since the ewort gets his MBA, and he knows he needs a new skillet to keep his career move forward. This brings it to research options for online learning. He wants to learn practically, not theoretical, and it looks like simplilear offers the type of skill and expertise he is looking for. “There is more to be learned at Sprintzeal,” he said.

Simplilarn offers virtual and online learning. Ewort chose to do an online course because he had a self discipline to do it and “because I am a type of learning who likes to learn independently,” he said. “I don’t like being in a class or structured setting. With an independent choice, I can do a course at my own time.” The only loss he saw couldn’t ask questions about instructors in real time.

Its certification with simplilear according to his wishes to learn and the type of education he is looking for. “The instructor is very good, I feel easy to learn,” he said. More importantly, he can apply what he learned immediately. “As soon as I learned something, I can practice it immediately,” he said. “This is not just theory. It is something I can use because, with direct practice, you get practical skills.

He also chose simpliearn for industrial experience. “The best practice is now, so what I learned now is valid now, from a digital marketing point of view,” he said. In addition, this program offers extensive education. “It has all the knowledge. This is not only social media marketing or PPC. It has everything that has to do with digital marketing. So I graduated, I can be sure that I know every aspect of what digital marketing is required.”

Ewort also appreciates fast customer service. “Every time I need help, I send an email and I get immediate feedback.”

New skills lead to a new position

Ewort now is a digital marketing manager in Prism Communications, Jamaican’s main advertising company. Before that, he was the General Manager Group at the Investments Fimi where he developed a sales strategy, managing the development of new products, and reviewing and approved marketing plans. He oversees around 200 employees throughout the Caribbean. Before that, he had his first job at Prism Communications as a marketing strategist. And now, he returns with the employer, but in a completely new role based on his new skillset.

Meanwhile, education helps his work today as a digital marketing manager at PRISM. Because he has expanded the scope of his knowledge, he can provide the latest inputs on digital marketing methods such as email marketing, marketing automation, conversion optimization and PPC advertising, and awards for Google Analytics.

His education with Sprintzeal

 also increased his confidence. “In meetings and presentations, I can talk as someone who has knowledge,” he said. “I have a level of confidence. Everyone sees it. And now I keep getting a question. Even on my LinkedIn profile, people keep asking me questions about digital marketing.”

Stay in front of the curve

Digital marketing certification causes a better job at PRISM, and Ewort knows it’s time for change. “What will happen at my last job? I think the job will be redundant. They don’t really go for digital marketing. So, it will lead to market slowing because of their constant emphasis on traditional marketing and things like TV ads.”

“I think I’m more advanced than the curve now by becoming an expert in digital marketing,” Ewort said. “And I have the opportunity to grow my own business in this company.” Until that day arrived when he was ready to open himself.

“A person’s career is done with expertise,” Ewort said. “It won’t be a job and stay there. It’s like starting a business. This is life.” And Sprintzeal

 can help make it happen.