Steps to Take if a Hospital Claims Wrongful Death for Your Patient

Due to the negligence of doctors in the health care treatment they provide, they often claim the wrongful death of a patient. This extremely heinous crime is intolerable in the eyes of the law. A medical professional can lose their license for doing something like this. 

If you believe that a hospital has claimed a wrongful death of your patient, then you must take these below-mentioned actions immediately after consulting a personal injury law firm Boston

Accumulate all the documents of the patient:

This is the primary step that you must take in such an incident. Start by collecting all the documents related to the patient’s health and past medical records. Do not miss out on anything while collecting documents. Even a prescription will play an integral role in deciding the case’s outcome.

Reach out to an Attorney:

It is urgent, and you will need an attorney to help you throughout the case. Your attorney will formulate strategies and go through all the patines track records to connect the dots to prove that the hospital has wrongly flagged the patient as dead.

File a Complaint

Concerning the hospital, the patient was admitted. You will have to file a complaint to the authoring body. This will include filing a complaint to the state licensing body, states medical association, and hospital accreditation body. Ensure you get a copy of the registered complaint, as this would be needed in court.

File a Lawsuit:

If you are confident that the hospital has wrongly claimed the patient is dead, you must consider your options for filing a lawsuit. Your hired attorney will guide you the best if a lawsuit is needed depending on your circumstances.

Ask for Compensation:

If you successfully win the case and prove that the hospital has claimed the wrongful death of the patient, then you have the right to ask for compensation. You can demand all the damages you have incurred, including the loss of wages, emotional distress, funeral costs, etc. 

You must understand the legal procedure of those involved in this case, and wrongful death claims are usually complicated and take long enough time to be resolved. The wisest decision would be to consult an experienced attorney to help you provide the best course of action. An experienced lawyer can assist you in filing a claim, ensure your rights are protected and get deserving financial compensation.