Some Of The Best Nilkamal Sofa Set In India That You Can Buy

A sofa set can make or spoil the overall appearance of your living space. Therefore, purchasing the best sofa set for your home is one of the most important decisions. Otherwise, it can become the cynosure of all eyes. 

At Home By Nilkamal is known for providing excellent sofa sets crafted with high-quality materials for extreme comfort levels and to last longer. You can choose the best Nilkamal sofa set for your home. Here is the list of top five selling Nilkamal sofa sets that you can purchase it anywhere from india:

Brooks Three Seater Sofa (Black) (at home by Nilkamal)

If you want to get rid of your old sofa, all you have to do is, welcome the Brooks three-seater sofa with a little space for it in your home. Upgrade to this Nilkamal sofa to make your home look gorgeous again. The legs and frame are built from high-quality solid wood, and the material is extremely comfortable for seating. 

The black colour makes this comfortable three-seater sofa look very elegant. The spring and webbing on the back support and sitting part offer the highest level of comfort possible, and the wooden frame ensures sturdiness to make the Brooks three-seater sofa long-lasting and durable. 

Position the Nilkamal sofa in your hall or living space for visitors to sit on, as it looks pretty majestic. This furniture can be a splendid choice as it offers excellent value for money thanks to the premium quality material and top-tier design that makes it look quite luxurious. 

  • Primary Material: PVC
  • Secondary Material: Solid Wood 
  • Filling Material: Foam
  • Product Weight: 46 Kg
  • Nilkamal sofa: ₹48,900

Velma 3 Seater Fabric Sofa (Blue) (at home by Nilkamal)

The Velma 3-seater fabric sofa offers superior relaxation as it lets you stretch out comfortably. The Nilkamal sofa is crafted out of plywood and tough pinewood to ensure the sturdiness and strength of the entire structure. 

It features strong webbing throughout the back and seat construction for enhanced durability. The sofa incorporates polyester upholstery with thick foam seating that offers you maximum comfort while sitting.

To give this Nilkamal sofa a luxurious and regal appearance, it comes with a tufted backrest. For resting your hands comfortably, it comes with broad armrests on the sides. The robust PVC legs of this Nilkamal sofa provide seamless support to the entire structure. It flaunts a modern design with a unique blue shade that subtly introduces a pop of colour to your decor.

  • Primary Material: Fabric – Polyester
  • Secondary Material: Solid wood, Pine Wood
  • Filling Material: Foam
  • Product Weight: 35 kg
  • Nilkamal sofa: ₹24,900

Gia Three Seater Sofa (Wenge) (at home by Nilkamal)

The next entry on the list comes with a minimal, modish and contemporary look. The Nilkamal sofa sports an elegant hardwood frame that has been given soft beige upholstery and smooth edges to go with the natural finish. 

The Gia three-seater sofa can be an ideal addition to your study, living room, or even bedroom as this furniture can blend well with all kinds of home decor styles, such as contemporary, modern and transitional. Top it up or throw over it with some contrast cushions, and you’re all ready to relish a relaxing evening chatting with friends or watching the television with your family.

  • Primary Material: Fabric
  • Secondary Material: Solid Wood
  • Filling Material: Foam
  • Product Weight Kgs: 57 kg
  • Nilkamal sofa: ₹30,900

Elena 3 Seater Sofa (New Wenge) (at home by Nilkamal)

Part modern, part traditional, this three-seater Nilkamal sofa is a delightful choice that comes with a balanced style. Skillfully crafted with fabric upholstery, rubber wood and foam, the Elena 3-seater sofa has an exemplary balance of a functional approach with the right design elements. 

Austere armrests are complemented with linear yet appealing designs on the side, slanted cushioned backrests and cushioned seating for additional convenience. Whether you plan to set it in the living room in front of the TV or place it by the coffee table to enjoy your reading session, the Nilkamal sofa plays its role with ease while maintaining perfection. 

Toss your old sofa and welcome the Elena 3-seater sofa with a little space for it in your home.

The Clean Vertical structure has been built from Solid Wood to blend perfectly with the Elena centre or side Table.

  • Primary Material: Polyester (Fabric)
  • Secondary Material: Rubber Wood (Plywood)
  • Filling Material: Foam
  • Upholstery: Polyester (Fabric)
  • Nilkamal sofa: ₹33,900

Lakewood 3 Seater Fabric Sofa (Cocoa) (at home by Nilkamal)

The Lakewood 3-seater fabric sofa will let you set up an inviting environment for your friends and guests. The overall construction quality is good and is craft from Meranti solid wood and supported by engineered wood ply. For enhanced comfort and support, the Nilkamal sofa features thick foam seating. 

The soft velvet upholstery is so comfortable that you will feel like sleeping on it. The armrests are design to offer ample space for placing your hand, and the sturdy and thick legs are capable of supporting the entire structure. 

The unique cocoa shade of this Nilkamal sofa provides your room with a naturally warm feel. It makes your living space look more luxurious by adding aesthetic value to your space, and you can unwind or relax like never before with this Lakewood 3-seater fabric sofa.

  • Primary Material: Fabric – Velvet
  • Secondary Material: Solid Wood – Meranti Wood
  • Filling Material: Foam
  • Product Weight: 54 kg
  • Nilkamal sofa: ₹57,900

Sofa sets are crucial for enhancing the look of your living room as they determine the aesthetic and design. Selecting the right one can be daunting as you have to consider various factors, such as fabric, built quality, and versatility, before sealing the deal. 

To save you time and effort, we have gone through several “at home by Nilkamal” sofa sets for compiling the list so that you get to pick the perfect Nilkamal sofa from the current batch.

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