Friendship and friendship’s value in life are commemorated on this day. Friendship contributes to the world’s prosperity and peace. It is an important source for maintaining social peace and igniting enthusiasm for a better future in which everyone works together for the greater good. As we all know, a friend in need is a friend indeed, which suggests that a friend will be there for you anytime you are in need. Poverty, violence, and human rights violations are only some of the difficulties, crises, and forces of division that the globe faces. To address these issues, develop answers, and resolve crises, it is vital first to comprehend the core cause, which must be addressed by supporting and protecting a common spirit of human solidarity, which may take many forms, the most basic of which is friendship. The International Day of Friendship celebrates the importance of friendship in one’s life. A buddy is someone you can always count on and who is considered your closest companion. Someone who is honest, trustworthy, and accepts you for who you are.

The friendship between parents and children

After their children reach a certain age, parents should act as friends to them. Although it is crucial to discipline children, it is also necessary to treat them like friends. In many ways, you may be a friend to your child. Avoid unduly disciplining or beating them. Please make an effort to develop a feeling of warmth or sympathy for them. Avoid yelling at your children in public and be patient with them.

Friendship in the Classroom

In school, children frequently have a large number of friends. Childhood and school are vital to growing up, so make sure your children remember these years. Encourage your kid to participate in theatre, dance, music, and sports activities, since these activities frequently lead to interaction with other children and the formation of friendships. It will be easier for your child to develop pals if they interact more at school. Children who have a large number of classmates will be happier and luckier.

Celebrations for Friendship Day

Friendship Day is observed in several countries throughout the world. Each country celebrates this momentous day on a different day. Friendship Day is observed on the first Sunday of August in India. Friendship Day was first observed in the West, but it is now observed in India and other nations. People offer their pals presents such as chocolates, teddy bears, and other items. To honor their connection, people wrap a Friendship band around their friend’s wrist. You can also send rakhi online.

History of the International Day of Friendship

The United Nations General Assembly declared International Friendship Day in 2011, intending to forge a strong tie of friendship between individuals from other nations, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, or other factors. Let us remind you that International Friendship Day is a UNESCO-proposed initiative. It describes the Culture of Peace as a set of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that oppose violence and work to prevent conflicts by identifying and resolving their core causes. The United Nations General Assembly approved it in 1997. Friendship, according to the Bible, is a human tie of faith, trust, and companionship. Even the great Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ mentions the value of friendship. Lord Krishna demonstrated a variety of friendship roles, including romance, fraternity, protection, teasing, and so on.


Make an effort to limit how much time your youngster spends online. Boredom is easy to come by when you spend time online. Obesity and idleness are possible outcomes. Make sure your youngster has more pals in the real world than in the virtual world. Keep an eye on who your youngster interacts with on the internet. You can order gifts online.

It is preferable not to become friends with strangers. Social networking sites should not be used excessively by children. Friendships formed online should be supervised, especially if children are young. Chatting and texting are often considered the only ways to make friends and spend time with them in today’s environment. Friendship Day is a significant occasion that encourages people to form bonds and fellowship with one another. The significance and relevance of this day must also be emphasized to children. Children must be encouraged to create excellent friendships based on mutual affection and trust. You may commemorate this lovely day by throwing a ‘Friendship Day’ party for your children.