Shilpa Sethi: A Woman of Many Talents and Achievements

In the event that you’re like me, you’ve presumably invested a ton of energy pondering “Who is Shilpa Sethi?” and “How is she doing her life?” truly, I’ve been pondering exactly the same thing, and I’m certain a many individuals who follow my work have as well.

In this article, I’ll be discussing who Shilpa Sethi is and the different achievements she has accomplished throughout the span of her career. Along these lines, on the off chance that you’ve at any point ended up pondering exactly the same thing, read on to find out additional!

A Woman of Many Talents

Shilpa is a lady of numerous abilities. She has not one, yet two college degrees: a MBA and an expert’s ready to go organization. She likewise has a law degree, which she accomplished at 24 years old – making her the most youthful lady ever to move on from India’s lofty National Law School.

Also, Shilpa is the originator of House of Sethi, which is India’s driving extravagance design brand for marriage wear. Place of Sethi unites Indian craftsmanship with international quality norms to make couture it is novel and up-to-date to marry clothing that. In 2017 alone, House of Sethi was answerable for dressing in excess of 130,000 ladies across India.

As though these achievements weren’t noteworthy enough as of now, Shilpa additionally has an unbelievable story as a survivor and supporter for ladies’ freedoms in India.

Television Presenter

Shilpa has been working in the television business for north of twenty years. She has facilitated a wide scope of shows, including morning shows, syndicated programs, and unscripted TV dramas.

Sethi is best known for her work on “Rendez-Vous with Simi Garewal,” which she co-hosted with the late Simi Garewal from 1995 to 1999. The show discussed topics surrounding women and their issues in Indian society.

In addition to hosting a variety of different programs on Indian TV, Shilpa Sethi has also served as the anchorwoman for the Malala Yousafzai documentary entitled “Malala: Warrior with Words.”

She’s acted in films such as “Dhoop” (2002) and “Hum Saath Saath Hain” (1999).

Shilpa Sethi also narrated documentaries like “The Last Dalai Lama?” (2010) and “Mahatma Gandhi: The Story of My Experiments With Truth” (2007).

Fashion Designerd a degree in English literature.

Shilpa Sethi is a style creator. She has planned outfits for some Indian famous people, including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, and Sonam Kapoor. As well as planning dresses for big names, she likewise has her own line of apparel called Shilpa S.


Growing up in Mumbai, India, Shilpa Sethi was an excellent student who excelled in art and literature. She attended St. Xavier’s College and receive a degree in English literature.

After college, she began her career as a writer and editor for the Times of India Group, where she met and married fellow journalist Mayank Chhaya. Together, they have one daughter named Maya.

Shilpa has distributed three books to date: I Too Had A Love Story (2008), Once Upon a Time In Mumbai Dobaara! (2012) and The Girl of My Dreams (2013). These books have been converted into different dialects including French, German, Portuguese and Dutch.

However, her work as a creator, Shilpa has additionally filled in as a writer for different distributions including Outlook magazine, Hindustan Times paper and Filmfare magazine. She has contributed articles on different subjects, for example, nurturing guidance, style, connections among married couples, VIP meetings and then some.

Public Speaker

Shilpa Sethi is a public speaker and a consultant. She’s also the founder of the Shilpa Sethi Leadership Academy, which she created to help women learn how to be effective leaders in the workplace.

Since her graduation from Harvard University, she has been on a journey of self-discovery. After lecturing at various colleges and universities, she began giving lectures on career development and leadership skills for executives.

She was additionally designated by President Clinton as one of his official nominees on the National Council on Education Standards and Testing. Afterward, she proceeded to turn into an individual from the Board of Directors for both American Express and Tiffany and Co.

One of her significant achievements was establishing the Shilpa Sethi Leadership Academy in 2008. This foundation assists ladies with figuring out how to be compelling forerunners in their working environment by giving them proficient improvement valuable open doors.

However, her work with this association, she’s additionally been called upon by different political associations as well as colleges and universities to give addresses about administration abilities and career advancement for chiefs.


Shilpa Sethi is a lady of numerous abilities and wins. With her inborn innovative capacities, she has made progress in every one of the fields she has wandered into and keeps on doing as such.

At the point when you observe an individual who has gotten appreciation from every one of the people around him and from every one of the fields he has fiddled with, you realize he is somebody who has the characteristics that are expected of a fruitful person in this day and age.

Shilpa Sethi is one such individual and we ought to observe her accomplishments and gain from them.